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A MAGE 20th Anniversary World of Darkness Game accepting Mage (Traditions), Mortal, Bygone, Sorcerer/Psychic Characters!
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To connect, telnet to:

We've noticed some clients take longer to connect to the game than others, perhaps due to firewalls. We highly suggest BeipMu,which is available through the dev's github. [Beipmu github and download]

Wiki searches: Wiki is picky about case. If you are not finding the results you think you should, try all lower case letters first. ie: 'red' instead of 'RED'.

Our Discord server: [Ascension Sojourns Discord] The Discord server will kick you when you disconnect if you don't have an approved character in the game. If you are approved, please let staff know who you are so we can edit your roles.

Editing is restricted to reduce spam. Contact staff to get your wiki account.


An approved character is required to participate in these scenes.

TP/Prp Name Summary Cabal Name When Additional Players
Wednesday Session Regular Wednesday session April 1 - October 1 - Every Wednesday 7pm-9pm CST any,all
Thursday Session Regular Thursday session Oct 2 - Mar 31 - Every Thursday 7pm-9pm CST any,all

All information provided in these pages regarding M20 factions, character creation, game play rules (exception of some house rules), etc, come from Mage 20th Anniversary core book and supplements published by Onyx Publishing. We highly suggest looking to to obtain your own copies of any of the 20th Anniversary books.