Creating Companions

From Ascension Sojourns

The following rules can be used to create allies, familiars, Wards (as per the Flaw of that name in The Book of Secrets, p. 66),
retainers, spies, and other NPCs that might be vital to your character.

Please submit one complete write-up for the above mentioned stats you are buying.

Step One: Character Concept

• Concept: Who were they before encountering mages. What is your job?
• Motivation: Why’d they get involved with them? (We don't need a full background writeup. A good complete paragraph will do.)
• Affiliation: Traditions, Technocracy, Disparates, Marauders*, Nephandi*, or none? (No Marauder or Nephandi NPCs, those are left to staff)
• Type: Are you an acolyte, consor, hedge wizard, familiar, retainer, or what?
• Archetype (Nature and Demeanor): What’s your personality? Archetypes

Step Two: Attributes & Abilities

As per Mage 20, Chapter Six.
• Attributes: Primary 6, Secondary 4, Tertiary 3 (Physical, Social and Mental)
• Abilities: Primary 11, Secondary 7, Tertiary 4 (Talents, Skills, and Knowledges)

Step Three: Advantages

• Background Traits: 5 (consors must put at least one dot into Mentor.)
• Special Advantages: Base 0 (limited to certain types of characters; see Special Advantages)
• Willpower: Base 3
• Essence: Essence 1
• Merits and Flaws: Base 0 (as per below.)
• Charms: Base 0. (familiars only; as per Spirit Charms.)

Freebie Points

The following are HOUSE RULED for NPC Companions.
-- Acolytes and backup agents get 3 freebies per dot of background trait.
-- Consors and other skilled allies get 4 freebies for dot of related background trait.
-- Familiars - get 10 freebies per Familiar background trait.

Type of Familiars

--Animal -- regular native animals, nothing for free.

--Bygone -- dragons, imps, sphinx, wyvern, griffins, etc, gain Quintessence Grazing Charm for free. The sight of them by sleepers may inflict paradox on their mage. (the reason for taking shapeshifter)

--Constructs -- immune to poison and disease and automatically, gain the Soak Lethal Charm at no cost (and can buy the Soak Aggravated Charm at 2 pts). If the construct is obviously well beyond modern technological capabilities, it will garner its mage Paradox if Sleepers sight it (vulgar-with-witnesses).

--Elementals* -- gain Quintessence Grazing for Free.

--Undead -- Zombies, skeletons, etc. Sleeper sighting counts as vulgar-with-witness for Paradox inflicted on their mage. All undead familiars have the Soak Lethal and Resilience Charms for no cost. They can buy the Soak Aggravated Charm at 2 pts, and additional Resilience levels at 3 pts each. They can also reduce their beginning one-dot Charisma rating to zero and add the dot to any other Attribute.

Starting levels in Abilities and Backgrounds may not be higher than four dots.

Additional Notes on Familiars

HOUSE RULE: We find there is a discrepancy between what the background Familiar allows and what some of the 'Special Advantages allow, especially since it specifically points out the Background Familiar. This is most important when stating NPC Familiars for Paradox Nullification. We are bringing back Thaumivore from the Bygone Beastiary. While a familiar can absorb a certain 'dose' of paradox at once, it is nullified at a rate of 1 per week. They don't like doing this, it was formerly called "Feast of Nettles" for a reason. See the writeup on Special Advantages for Paradox Nullifcation.

Familiar 1 = Paradox Nullification 2, Thaumivore 1
Familiar 2 = Paradox Nullification 3, Thaumivore 2
Familiar 3 = Paradox Nullification 4, Thaumivore 3*
Familiar 4 = Paradox Nullification 5, Thaumivore 4*
Familiar 5 = Paradox Nullification 6, Thaumivore 5*

Familiar Background 3+ is currently restricted. To have a familiar of that level you must provide plan for how you are going to provide enough Quintessence for you familiar that fits within the theme of the game.

Companion Specific Merits and Flaws

Companions are not required to have a merit and flaw like PCs are.

Merits: Alpha or My Master is my Slave (See: Merits)
Flaws: Alien Impression, Animal, Aura, Beta, Broken, Limbless, Power Source, No Dexterous Limbs, Omega, Ungainly Fingers, Weak Spot,
Thaumivore(bygone), Umbelief (bygone) (See Flaws)

'Companion-Suitable Merits and Flaws'
Aside from Traits that apply specifically to Awakened mages and their abilities (Avatar Companion, Cyclic Magick,
Manifest Avatar, and so forth), a companion-type character can have any Merit or Flaw that suits the character in
question. The Storyteller gets the final say as to what is and is not allowed in your game. Certain Merits and Flaws,
though, are especially appropriate for companion-type characters:

Name Cost Value Type
Alpha 2 Social
My Master is My Slave 2 Social
Other merits in regular chargen with staff approval
Name Cost Value Type Name Cost Value Type
Alien Impression 1/2/3/4/5 Physical Animal 2 Social
Aura 3 Supernatural Beta 1 Social
Broken 5 Mental Limbless 5 Physical
Power Source 1/2/3/4/5 Physical No Dexterous Limbs 4 Physical
Omega 4 Social Ungainly Fingers 2 Physical
Weak Spot 3 Physical Thaumivore 5 Supernatural
Unbelief 3/5/8 Supernatural

Special Advantages


Charm Cost Charm Cost
Bad Luck Curse 5 Bargain 2
Create Water 5 Deflect Harm 5
Disorient 1 False Wealth 5
Good Luck Charm 5 Jack In 5
Mirage 5 Mislead 5
Plant Command 5 Rouse the Dead N/A
Sand Storm 8 Sand Swallow /Sinkhole 5
Smoke Screen / Blinding Fog 2 Spirit Gossip 5
Teleport 10/20 Wish Fulfillment N/A

'Freebie Points'

Trait Cost
Attribute 5 per dot
Ability 2 per dot
Background 1 per dot
Willpower 2 per dot
Essence 1 per dot
Charms 1 pt. per Essence needed / 5 pts.
Merit Cost as per Merit
Flaw Bonus as per Flaw
Special Advantage As per that Trait

Experience Chart

You may buy up your NPCs stats with your own XP. Must be submitted via +xpsubmit.

Traits Cost
New Ability 3
Ability current rating x2
Attribute current rating x4
Background* current rating x3 / x6
Willpower current rating x1
Essence current rating x2
Charms*** 1 pt. per Essence needed / 5 pts.

*If allowed; see “Raising and Buying Backgrounds with Experience Points,” Mage 20, p. 366
** Xp spends for NPC must be justified.
*** Not applicable to Paradox Nullification or Thaumivore for NPC familiars, unless the Mage first buys up their Background Trait Familiar.