From Ascension Sojourns

My very heartfelt thanks to Ashen-Shugar and Thenomain for all their code help.
All the commands listed in +help are here for reference without spamming your game screen.

General Commands
+911 +altadd +bghelp +chantry +clock +Compass +dice +equip +evict
+Finger +foci +gear +glance +Hangouts +Housing +Howl +ic / +ooc +Judges +knock
+map +meet +moon +myjobs +note +random +risk +roll +rumor
+selfboot +sheet +shift +shout +staff +spend for WP, Quint, Gnosis +spy
+sweep +time +timestop +vacation +Vote +warn +watch +weather
+weapons +where +who
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Job Commands
+xpsubmit +bug +myjobs +pitch +request +typo +tps +build

Job Submission Commands

+xpsubmit <name:stat wanted>=<justification>
+xpsubmit <name: xp log>=<pastebin or controlc link>

  • should only be used for things that can't be set in the xp room
  • should also be used to submit logs for xp logs

+pitch <title>=<your pitch>

To pitch an idea or plot for a staff-ran plot. May be long, short, one-off.
Staff can run these for any players on the game...doesn't guarantee you'll

+bug <title>=Where you found the bug, what the bug is,etc.

To report code bugs. Not for typos

+request <title>=<message>

This drops a request into the general request bucket. Do no use unless it won't fit into another bucket.

IE: +build, +bug, +typo, +magesubmit, +dsubmit (demon - sphere closed), +mortalsubmit, +shiftersubmit (sphere closed), vampsubmit (sphere closed)etc. (Sphere Specific +jobs)

+prp <prp name>=<message> ---> Use to submit to a Player-ran-plot (prp) you want to run to staff for approval.

Tell us all the details in case staff have to get involved. Wanting some specific awards, include it.
PRP leaders must submit logs of each scene ran for the plot.

+magesubmit <your name: what>= <info here> ---> want to create a magickal item, do something with your powers,

this is how you send it to staff.

+mortalsubmit <your name: what>=<info here> ---> Sphere specific stuff for mortals and MORTAL+. There are plenty that mortals

can do to affect the game as a whole. On a supernatural level, a mage's ability to get a desired effect depends on what mortals
believe, or don't. Mortals are standard human, think about Real Mundane Life when you are wondering what to submit here.

+build <name: type>=<build info> ---> See Construction Help for more. This is where you submit to get a

business, home, a building, etc.

Job Settings

Anomaly Jobs is set up to respond to your screen width, if your client reports it. Otherwise jobs code reverts to default. To change: &JOBSWIDTH me=<your screen width>
Default is 80.

Anomaly Jobs also supports skins, which are display definitions that allow you to change the way that +jobs looks to the user.


+myjob <#>
+myjob/last <#>=<number of comments>
+myjob/add <#>=<comment>
+myjob/nospam <#>

This suite of commands allows the submitter to view and modify jobs that they have submitted to the system. When viewing a job that
you own, you can only see the comments that you have added, not comments added by others. +myjobs lists your jobs; you can read an
individual job or the last comment(s). You can also add additional comments to the job. Catching up jobs clears the new job indicator.
Nospam suppresses @mails for all jobs, or a single job.

Staff can give you access to jobs you could not otherwise see. In those instances, you can see all comments added, not just those you
have added.

+myjob/roll <job#>/<stats>=<diff> -- This works and posts your roll to your job. If multiple people ask for them to have access.


Gear is for items such as flashlights, handcuffs, computers, tarot deck and other seeming "miscellaneous" items.
+wpn commands are strictly and explicitly weapons
+equip will show all weapons and gear you are carrying.
+equip/all will show all gear and weapons you -own-.

For Information on how TO ACQUIRE WEAPONS or GEAR, go to the Weapons or Gear pages.

+gear/list - Shows a list of all available weapons.
+gear - Shows all the gear you OWN

  • +gear/conceal <#> - Carry weapon number <#> under concealment. **NEEDS TO BE REWORKED**
  • +gear/unconceal <#> - Stop concealing weapon number <#>. **NEEDS TO BE REWORKED**
  • +gear <playername> - Shows the weapons that <playername> is carrying, if visible.

WEAPONS COMMANDS: +wpns/list - Will return a warning about the spamminess of viewing this in-game. (Use +wpns/list-ok to view anyway)
+wpns - Shows all the weapons you OWN.
+wpns <person> - Will let a player inspect a person for weapons. Allows staff to see what a player is carrying.

  • +wpns/conceal <#> - Carry weapon number <#> under concealment.
  • +wpns/unconceal <#> - Stop concealing weapon number <#>.

+wpns <playername> - Shows the weapons that <playername> is carrying, if visible.

Magickal items may be added to this system at a later date.

Staff Only commands:
+Wpns/give *=*/*
+wpns/remove *=* -Staff only command to remove weapon from player
+gear/give *=*/*
+gear/remove *=*


Syntax: +911

This command is used to let staff know a Judge is needed IMMEDIATELY.
It will open a +job for staff and advise the user of the command that a timestop is in
effect until staff get in touch with them.


Aliases with: +afj, +afj/all, +judges, +judges/all, +judge-staff
This command will list all players approved for judging scenes. These judges
will submit a report of any scene they handle to staff. Judges are also qualified
to run PRPs or minor plot for staff in the spheres they are approved to judge.


+altadd <name of your alt> = adds your alt to your list. Claim all your alts on all your alts.
Only staff have access to see your alts and we do not give this information out to other players.
Also all alts should be registered to the same &SEMAIL. Failure to do so may lead to loosing a character.


+aura/list -- Lists available auras by number.
+aura/add <number> -- Adds an aura to your aura list.
+aura/del <number> -- Deletes an aura from your aura list. +aura -- Shows what Auras you have set on yourself.
+aura/m <name>=<reason> -- Allows mages to use Magick to see the auras of others.
+aura/v <name>=<reason> -- Allows vampires to use auspex to see the auras of others.
+aura/a <name>=<reason> -- Allows those with Awareness to see the auras of others.

                                 * List of Auras *
 1 Carnation      Affection               | 26 Mottled-shifting    Confused 
 2 Orange         Afraid                  |*27 Black-Pustules      Wyrmy/Infernal
 3 Purple         Aggressive              |*28 Black-Veined        Diabolist/Infernal 
 4 Red            Angry                   |*29 Rapidly-Rippling    Frenzied 
 5 Brown          Bitter                  |*30 Hypnotic-Swirling   Psychotic/Marauder 
 6 Light-Blue     Calm                    |*31 Flickering          Dementia/Quiet 
 7 Violet         Change/Transformation   | 32 Crackling           Excitement
 8 Pink           Compassionate           | 33 Intense-Colors      Fanatical 
 9 Lavender       Conservative            | 34 Fading              Sickness/Dying
10 Gray           Depressed               |
11 Deep-Red       Desirous/Lustful        |
12 Cerulean       Devotion                |
13 Light-Green    Distrustful             |
14 Crimson        Enraged                 |
15 Dark-Green     Envious                 |    Sparkling            Mage/Sorcerer
16 Forest-Green   Generous                |    Pale                 Vampire
17 Vermilion      Happy                   |    Rainbow Highlights   Fae
18 Black          Hateful                 |    Bright-Vibrant       Shifter
19 Yellow         Idealistic              |    Brilliant-Burning    Burning/Holy
20 White          Innocent                |    Gold-and-Silver      True-Faith
21 Crimson        Love                    |    Weak-and-Faded       Ghost
22 Dark-yellow    Obsessed                |    Rainbow Sparkles     Bygone 
23 Silver         Sad                     |
24 Gold           Spiritual               |
25 Dark-Blue      Suspicious              |

* refers to an aura that can only be set and removed by staff or code Auras without numbers are assigned by the aura-code automatically


BGHELP - Reading your Background post-approval

+bglist - List out sections that have been created
+bg <#> - Read a background section.
+bgadd <#>=<text> - Add to a background section. Send +request to staff if you update this.
+bglock <#> - Locks a background section when finished.


Syntax: +clock
Shows the Server time and translates it into
The 4 U.S. timezone along with London, Sydney,
Tokyo and Berlin.
If you would like to see your timezone, potentially added, see +help +request.


COMMAND: +compass
Shows you a compass with places to go, and what direction those places are in.
Will only show a direction if the hidden part of an exit name has a direction in it.
This makes it difficult to use in a room where there are more than 4 buildings and 4 street exits.
Putting this is optional in the Building phase.


COMMAND: +finger <name>

This command returns information about name. To set your +finger information, simply use

&INFONAME me=The information where INFONAME is one of the following:

All of these are optional except SEMAIL. This should have been set prior to approval.
Use the same SEMAIL for all your alts. Failure to do so will result in losing alts.

EMAIL --- Your email address (optional).
SEMAIL --- An email address which staff may use to contact you. Only staffers can see this, and it is mandatory.
HOMEPAGE --- Your wiki page, if you made one.
ALTCHARS --- Any characters you might be known as (here or elsewhere).
SHORTDESC --- A short description on yourself.
THEME --- The theme song which best describes either your character.
QUOTE --- A typical quote from your character.
RPPREFS --- The type of RP you prefer.
PLAN --- Your character's plan (or yours)


+glance --> Displays displays the &SHORT-DESC attributes of objects and connected players in your present location.
Idle times of players are shown.


+damage <number>=<reason> ----> Gives you levels of damage and marks it on your +sheet.

Ex: +damage 1=Jordon shot me Pemitted to Player--> Damage: You take 1 damage. Reason: Jordan shot me
Staff will also get an emit of this.

To Heal damage: +damage -<#>=<reason>

Ex: +damage -1=spent a week at home icing my wound

Health system does not differentiate between types of damage. Staff will set notes, open a job, or
whatever they need to do to convey that information when needed.


Thank you Thenomain for helping me write this code!

+hangouts --- Lists all hangouts that currently active, their map coordinates, and population.
+hangouts/all - will list all hangouts, their map coordinates and population
+hangouts/info <hangout name> --->This command will list valuable IC information about the business.

Including IC owner, manager, and which +taxi destination to take to get there. This does not work for
city/public services such as police, city hall, fire dept, etc. But it will be set up for every PC
"owned" business, even if owned anonymously. Specific to the Realm or small grid space you are in.

map coords ---> Only available for the Earth grid. A full and complete list of the street grid that list <Coord#|street name|location abbreviation>.

Location Abbreviations: These only apply to the Earth grid
D - Downtown
LM - Lake McCarron
W - Waterton
WE - White Elk
P - Pine Springs

coords ---> Only available on Earth grid. Will show you the coord of your currently location, if it is set.

+hangout/join <coord #> ---> Will teleport you to that location.


COMMAND: +housing

This option lists all of the IC housing, their location number, resource requirement levels,
whether the residence is Temporary(T) or Permanent(P) or both (T/P), and finally which IC city they are in.


+howl/local <message>
+howl/mid <message>

The ability to howl is based on the forms you can take. For non-werewolf characters
you can howl if you are in wolf or coyote form. Have staff set up your ability to
shift forms if you think you should have it.

Local will emit your howl up to two rooms away. Mid will emit your howl up to
five rooms away.

For Garou you can howl when in Lupus, Crinos or Hispo forms.

+ic / +ooc

+ooc - takes you to the OOC Nexus
+ic = Takes you back to where you were IC from the OOC Nexus


COMMAND: +knock <exit>[:message]

You may knock on the exit named <exit>. Also, if you supply message, you will shout that message.

+knock Big Wooden Door
Result: You would simply knock on the big wooden door.

+knock Big Wooden Door:Hey! Let me in!
Result: You would knock on the big wooden door, and shout "Hey! Let me in!"

+lock / +givekey / +removekey / +keyring

+lock needs to be set up on your exits by staff. Please contact them to do so. Sometimes we forget.

Current a locked exit shows as <RED>

If you have a key to a locked exit, it should let you through. Contact staff if you find a bug.

+lock <exitname> -- Locks an exit that you have a key to.
+unlock <exitname> --unlock an exit that you own or have a key to.
+givekey <exit> to <person> -- Will allow someone to +lock and +unlock an exit,
but only the exit owner can give out keys.

+removekey <exit> from <person> -- Takes a key away from a person.
+keyring -- Shows you what keys you have. It lists the db#, the exit name, and the room it is in.
+listkeys <exit> -- When used on an exit you own, it will show you who you've given keys to for that exit.

Future Potential Commands:
+hold door for <person> -- Not yet written. Would allow a keyholder to temporarily unlock an exit for a non-keyholder to pass through. Exit is unlocked for say 1 minute, then locks again.





+note me --->Displays the list of notes attached to your character.
+note <player/object> ---> Displays the list of public notes set on <player> OR <object>.

+note/view <object/player/alias/me/here>/<number>

Shows the content of the specified note, if you have enough rights to see it. See +note in +HELP NOTE.

+note/add me=<title>/<text> --> Adds a note to yourself. Staff may remove these if the situation warrants it.
+note/add <object>=<title>/<text> --> Adds a note to <object>, which you must own before can add the note.

+note/edit <object/player/alias/me/here>/<number>=<old text>/<new text>

Replaces text in a note. You can only alter notes you have set on yourself. Staff can edit any note.

+note/del <object/player/alias/me/here>/<number> --> Deletes a note. The same restrictions as for +note/edit apply.

+note/set <object/player/alias/me/here>/<number>=<type>

Set access to the specified note. Where <type> is Public, Private or Staff. Any player can set a Public or
Private note on himself or objects (s)he controls. Only staff can lock a note to staff only.

Public notes can be seen by anyone.
Private just by the owner of the player object and staff.
Only a Staffer may set a note to Staff and view it.


Rumors are things that are heard about ICly. NPCs gossip. Maybe they heard something, or saw something. There is no removal function,
so be VERY careful as to what you say. It's permanent!

BEWARE: The rumor list is anonymous when viewed. However Staff do have a way of finding out who posted what. Staff can and will remove a rumor if it is inappropriate, in bad taste, or doesn't seem to be ICly backed. You can start an Ic rumor with no Ic justification, but be prepared for ICA=ICC if someone finds out what you're spreading around.

Getting a rumor removed: +request to work to quell or investigate a rumor. +dice rolls and logs may be required.
+rumor/add <name>=<rumor>
+rumor/read <number>


+selfboot -- This command removes frozen connections, which occur from time to time if someone continually gets net failure from timeouts.


  • Abilities are still only available on the full +sheet

+sheet --> shows your full sheet of basic info and stats.
+basicsheet --> show your basic sheet info, no stats.
+miscsheet --> shows your sheet for backgrounds and below
+attrsheet --> shows just the attributes portion of your sheet
+health --> shows just the health/damage portion of your sheet

There at some point might be multiple pages to the +Sheet. Those will be documented when they come into existence.


This system requires that you be setup with the multidescer first! +desc/setup

Bygones must have Shapechanger.

Mages must have Life 4. Mages are automatically set to a default 'human' form.

Staff must set up your forms for you. Please +request with what forms you'd like.
Your attribute score may be altered to better represent the form you are in.
Even if you have a default Strength of 3, that doesn't make sense for a mouse, or generally any creature smaller than a human.

+forms Use to show a list of forms you may use.
+shift <form> Use this command to shift to <form>. Note that you must also have a description set up in the global multidescer
(see: multidescer below) with the same name as <form>, so that your description will change when you change form.

Please see Multidescer for help. This is important to ensure your name and alias are stored correctly across all your forms.


Usage: +shout <message>
This command issues to the room you are in, and all rooms around you, your message.

+spend (for Willpower, Gnosis and Quint)

+spend/willpower #=<reason>

Willpower should replenish automatically 1 point every morning to
represent a good night's rest. For any of the following reasons use:
+will/gain 1=<reason>

  • When your mage fulfills some element of his Nature, he gets a point or two of Willpower.
The events, however, must be played out – they can’t conveniently occur offstage.
  • The Destiny Background allows you to regain spent Willpower.
  • If a character achieves some special success – rescuing a stranger, saving a sacred grove,
stomping a vampire into immortal ashes – the rush of victory can restore a point or two of Willpower.

Staff is trusting putting you on the honor system, don't abuse it

+spend/quint # --->Click here for command to regain quint
+spend/gnosis #


+staff -> Shows you connected Staffer
+staff/all -> Shows a list of all Staffers


+sweep --> Sends all unconnected players in the room home.

+evict <person>/<IC reason> ---> Consider this an IC action when used. The reason must reflect this.

  • This will rehome a player to a barracks on the grid, then teleport them there. The player being rehomed
will be @mailed about the event letting them know the person who evicted them, where they were evicted
from, and that since the date of the eviction they have had IC shelter.
  • IF the evictee desires to react to this in a way that is anything but peaceful, contact staff before acting.
  • Only a room's owner can evict a non-owner, and the owner must be in the same room the evictee has set
as home.
  • A keyholder can attempt to evict someone by contacting staff, though just because you have a key
doesn't mean you have enough leverage to say who lives there and doesn't.


COMMAND: +vacation <date>

You must use a three character abbreviation for the day and month,
AND the day you enter MUST match the date you enter.

Valid examples include:

Thu Oct 24 2020
Sat Apr 26 2021
Tue Sep 22 2019

BE AWARE: Your vacation flag clears on your next log in after you've set it. Be sure it is set
before your FINAL log off for your vacation OR if you are able to check in during your vacation be
sure its reset before you log off again.

Refer to news Vacation for further policy
info and contact staff with any questions.

+vote / XP

For the sake of transparency, votes are handled as follows and are subject to change in the future.
Though you can always submit logs for additional XP.
You have unlimited votes per week to give, but can only vote for the same person twice in 24 hours.
Each vote received is 0.15xp.
And each hour you are logged on and IC 0.04xp is awarded. In other words, being idle doesn't pay.

+xp ---> Shows how much xp you have and whom you have voted for.
+vote <person> ---> Gives a vote to a specific player
+xp/vote/all ---> Gives a vote to everyone in the room.
+---------------------------------< XP Info >----------------------------------+
Currently have: <currently spendable> XP Total Lifetime XP: 1.04
+----------------------------< Votes Given Today >-----------------------------+
<Person A> Sun Mar 7 13:34:23 2021
<Person A> Sun Mar 7 13:34:22 2021
<Person B> Sun Mar 7 18:15:16 2021
<Person B> Sun Mar 7 18:15:15 2021

Total Lifetime XP = is a running total of all xp you've collected from votes, tokens,
and extra xp awarded by staff for logs/scenes/ etc.


COMMAND: +warn <player name>
WARNING: This should only be use with Staff permission.

This command will provide an OOC warning to other players that their character may die if roleplay continues in the current vein. Please do use it if you feel your character may intend to kill another.


The following are commands available for +watch:
+watch -- shows you who is connected that you are watching.
+watch/on <default>- turns on the watch code after it has been turned off.
+watch/off -- turns off the Watch without removing your list.
+watch/who -- displays everyone on your watch list and connect status.
+watch/hide -- hides you from the +watch.
+watch/unhide -- allows others to watch your logins and disconnects.
+watch/per <name> -- permits <name> to see you while hiding.
+watch/rem <name> -- removes <name> from seeing you while hiding.
+watch/add <name> -- adds <name> to your watch list.
+watch/del <name> -- removes <name> from your watch list.
+watch/page <message> -- sends <message> as a page to those on your watch list.
+watch/all on -- allows you to watch all logins and disconnects.
+watch/all off -- prevents you from watching all logins and disconnects.

You may also set the format by which you see logins and disconnects.

To do this, set &WATCHFMT me=%n has %0. Other useful commands you might add could be [time()], %# or whatever.
Also, you may set an AWATCH attribute
on yourself that will be triggered when someone logs in.

Watch> +watch was coded by Alton/Cedric@Tir Rauhd and Watchman@Haven. It may be copied freely.


+where --> Shows a quick listing of where the groups of people online are right now.


+who --> Use to get a listing of the online people.


+bbread Scans joined bulletin board groups.
+bbread <#> Scans messages in group <#>.
+bbread <#>/<list> Reads message(s). <list> can be a single number, multiple numbers,

or a range of numbers (ie. 1-6), or any combo.

+bbread <#>/u Reads all unread messages in group <#>.
+bbcatchup <#> Marks all messages in group <#> as read.

You can use multiple group #'s/names or may use the word 'all' to catchup on all messages on all boards.

+bbscan Totals unread postings (if any) in each joined group. You can place this command in

your @aconnect, and it's recommended you do so.

+bbpost <#>/<title> This starts a post to group <#>.
+bbwrite <text> This adds text to an already started post.
+bb <text> Same as +bbwrite.
+bbedit <area>=<old>/<new> Edits your post in progress. Valid areas are: text, title
+bbproof Displays your current post in progress.
+bbtoss Discards your current post in progress.
+bbpost This will post your current post in progress.

+bbreply <#>/<#> Start a threaded reply to post <#>/<#> Use normal authoring

commands above to write, proofread, edit, post.

+bbpost <#>/<subject>=<body> Posts a message to group <#>. This is a quick way of posting a message with

one command.

+bbreply <#>/<#>=<body> Posts a threaded reply to <#>/<#> with a single command.

+bbedit <#>/<#>=<old>/<new> Edits one of your posted messages.

Note: You can use the boards name (or abbreviation) in place of it's number.

+bbremove <#>/<list> Removes a message by you. <list> can be a single number, a group of numbers, or a range (10-14).
+bbmove <#>/<#> to <#> Moves one of your messages to a new group.
+bbleave <#> Unsubscribe from group <#>.
+bbjoin <#> Joins a group you've previously 'left'.
+bblist Listing of all groups available to you along with their timeout values.
+bbsearch <#>/<name> Shows you a list of <name>'s postings on group <#>.
+bbnotify <#>=<on|off> Turn post notification for group <#> on or off.

For a '.sig', set an attribute on you called BB_SIG, and place your signature in that.
Note: You can use the boards name (or abbreviation) in place of it's number.


addcom <alias>=<channel> .................... Adds aliases to channel.
=<channel> <message> ........................ Method to talk on channel.
.<channel> <message> ........................ no-eval talk on channel.
<alias> <message> ........................... Method to talk on channel.
<alias> on .................................. Join a channel.
<alias> off ................................. Leave a channel.
<alias> who ................................. See who's on channel.
<alias> last [<value>] ...................... List channel history.
delcom <channel> ............................ Remove alias (doesn't leave)
@clist[/full /alias /notify /borders] ....... Lists available channels.
comlist ..................................... Lists connected channels.
comtitle <channel>=<title> .................. Set channel comtitle.
@cemit <channel>=<message> .................. Emit over channel.
@cemitnp .................................... Emit (noparse) over channel.
comgag[/on /off /list] <channel> ............ Turn gagging on/off/list.
comfilter[/<switches>] [<channel>=<player>] . individual player gag/filter.

comhelp comfilter

Syntax: comfilter/<switch> <channel> = <player>

This will /list, /add, or /remove individual players from gagging/filtering
of a given channel. This will honor commasks for a given channel.

comfilter/list -- lists all players filtered on all channels
comfilter/add <channel>=<player> -- adds player to filter.
comfilter/remove <channel>=<player> -- removes player from filter.

This will return errors if an invalid player or non-existant player
is attempted to tag to a given channel.

Likewise, an invalid channel will also return an error.


Rolls a number of dice against a given difficulty.
All of these commands should also alias with +roll

+myjob/roll <job#>/<stats>=<diff> -- This rolls, show you the roll, and posts your roll to your job. If multiple people ask for them to have access.

+dice <what>=<difficulty -- Ex: +dice strength+brawl=6 -- this shows to everyone in the room
Output: <Dice> Mike rolls Strength+Brawl vs 6 and obtains 3 net success(es).

+dice/v <what>=<difficulty>
-- same as +dice above but also shows the roll of each die.

<Dice> Mike rolls Willpower vs 8 and obtains 4 net success(es).
Dice rolled:3 4 7 <8> <9> <10> <10>.

+dice/p <player list>=<what>=<difficulty> -- Example: +dice/p Sally=Intelligence+computer=4

To: Sally
<Dice> Mike rolls Intelligence+Computer vs 4 and obtains 4 net success(es).

+dice/p/v <player list>=<what>=<difficulty> -- Example: +dice/p/v Jenny=Charisma+etiquette=6

To: Jenny
<Dice> Sally rolls Charisma+Etiquette vs 6 and obtains 2 net success(es).<br?
Dice rolled: 2 3 4 <6> <8>.

Other Examples:

+dice 6=joe's dex+dodge -- contested roll, rolling against the stats of an opponent (in the same room) as your difficulty
+dice 6=6
+dice per+firearms=joe's dexterity+dodge
+dice dex+melee+-1=5

Last... you can set the &VERIFY attribute on your self. The content of that attribute will be @pemitted to you as the first word of a dice roll,
preventing other players from spoofing. We hope no one is spoofing rolls, but if you encounter it, log and let staff know. All rolls are transmitted
to staff at the time they are made. Rolls can be verified.

The +Dice code is aliased with +action and +roll for your conveniences.
The rest of the syntax remains the same.

Sphere Specific +job Commands

These commands are like +request but for jobs that have to do directly with using the "power" of your race

COMMAND: <sphere appropriate +command> <your name>/<Title>=<message>

DEMON: +demonreq -- for things regarding demon dealing/powers/etc
MAGE: +magereq -- For jobs that require use of arete/spheres/item creation
BYGONE: +bygonereq -- For Bygone sphere specific jobs
MORTAL/+: +mort+req -- For Sorcerer & Psychic power jobs.

This command is used to send requests to Sphere specific job buckets. Please help us stay organized.
Please use the appropriate command based on your sphere. If there isn't a specific command for your sphere, use +request.


The language code allows for the use of multiple languages on the grid, ICly. It refers to any languages which are set on your character sheet under the language category.

If someone speaks in a language your character does not know it shall emit this fact. If your character has a rudimentary knowledge of the language in question you might get lucky and understand bits and pieces of the conversation.

say ---> This speaks in the default language of English, everyone will be able to understand this.
+say ---> This speaks in your character set base language.
+say/<Language> --> This speaks in any language listed that you have on your sheet so you may switch between languages "on the fly".
+lang <Language> --> This sets your base language and allows you to use the +say code.

Levels in each language allow for better speaking of said language.
So if you have Greek level 3 you'll speak and understand most things as the code will show you most of what they say. Where if you have Greek 5 you have a perfect understanding of it's grammer and structure.

1 abysmal (you probably at least know a few words and recognize the language) 2 native speaker with no education in language beyond grade school. 3 you took the lang in college. 4 you have a degree in the lang. 5 you are a professor of the lang

AFrikaans Ancient Egyptian Ancient Greek Angelic Enochia Arabic Asl
Cajun Cambodian Cantonese Cherokee Corax Cree
Dragon English Esperanto
Garou German Greek Gurahl Gutterspeak
Hakka Hebrew Hermetic Enochian Hindi Hopi
Indonesian Irish Iwapo
Japanese Javanese
Kheuer (Bastet) Korean
Mandarian Marathi Maya
Nahuatl Navajo Nuwisha
Pima Polish Portuguese Punjabi
Ratkin Rokea Romanian Romany Russian
Sanskrit Scottish Gaelic Spanish Swahili
Tagalog Tamil Telugu Thai Turkish
Ukranian Urdu Vietnamese Welsh Wu Yiddish


Logs are used for a variety of things such as: justification of lores, player vs player disputes, harrassement issues, etc.
Logs may also be submitted for additional xp. We highly suggest the use of Pastebin or ControlC. These are
third-party websites that allows you to save logs. In the case of Pastebin and set them "unlisted" so they won't show in websearches. Use at your own risk,
but we've never had issues with it. Pastebin has gotten strict on the profanity filters. If it only allows your paste to be set private because of this, use ControlC instead.

Using Pastebin Or ControlC allows means you only have to submit the url for the log to staff.

Please submit logs for Xp spends, XP noms, if you have any sort of issue of harassments, any issue with another player. We can't help you if you don't submit logs.

+xpsubmit <name:stat wanted>=<justification>
+xpsubmit <name: xp log>=<pastebin link>

-should only be used for things that can't be set in the xp room
-should also be used to submit logs for xp logs

See also +request


+desc/setup Sets you up to use the multidescer
+desc/list Shows you all currently available descriptions
+desc/view name Shows you the description
+desc/add name=desc Adds a description named 'name', with desc of 'desc'
+desc/delete name Deletes the named description
+desc/save desc Saves the current desc with a name of 'desc'
+desc/edit name=old/new Changes the description named 'name' so that 'old' text becomes 'new' text.
+desc name Changes the current description to 'desc'
+desc/emit name=emit Sets the message to emit when you switch to'name'

+desc/name desc=name Sets the character name to use when you switch to 'desc'. Note that if 'name' is 'clear', the name

will be your rootname until you reset it. See the next command for information on your rootname.

+desc/rootname name Sets your default name. This is the name which is used when you don't explicitly state a name.

+desc/attrib name:attr=value

Set an attribute for use with a description. Note that this can be any legal attribute, including
attributes for use in +finger, @oxtport, etc.

+forms For those capable of changing shape, will tell you what forms you have access too.
+shift <form> Will take all the above set info and make you into the chosen form

Please set the same alias for all +forms.

Please do not set up entire alternate +finger identities unless staff approved and noted.
+Finger information should not change between forms unless approved by staff as it makes it
difficult for staffers to find a certain players if you do this. Such as when awarding extra xp, or processing an xp spend.


Province Help

Works like +roomhelp but for whole provinces. The information in these help are considered IC.
These will be added to or editted dependant on how characters affect the game.

+phelp -- to list topics for that realm
+phelp <topic> -- to read that topic


Mv from <#> to <#> Moves a vacancy from one place to another.
Join <place name> Puts you at <place name>.
Join at #<num> Puts you at place #<num>.
Join with <name> Puts you at the place with <name>.
Depart Removes you from your place.
sit # Alias for Join.
Depart Removes you from your place.
Places Lists who's present at all places.
Place <num> Lists who's present at place <num>.
Plook Lists in column format everyone around the room.
Plook <num> Lists name of <num> and virtual desc.
tt <message> (Tete a tete) Relays a message to all those at your place.

This command takes the usual say/pose tokens, and TT <message> will emit.<br.

ttooc <message> (Tete a tete) Relays an OOC message.

PLACES are virtual places to sit, stand or occupy. You remain in the same room, but join a group of people
within that room who may or may not be having a quiet conversation only with others placed with them.

Places Config


Configure <num> places
Unconfigure places

Notes: A null fixed message means vacancies can be moved freely to and from the place. This does not make
sense for things like couches and rugs. Set it to something like "That makes no sense." if you are using
such a place.

Place Options

Usage: update <Place #>/<Option Below>=<Configuration Text>

Option Description <Option> Default Configuration Text ------------------ -------- -------------------------- Place Name NAME Table x Maximum # of places MAXPLACES Random Current # of places CURPLACES Random (1 >= # >= MAXPLACES) Fixed fail message FIXED <NULL> Full fail message FULL That table has no more room. Join message JOIN You sit down at <place>. Ojoin message OJOIN sits down at <place>. Depart message DEPART You stand and leave <place>. Odepart message ODEPART stands and leaves <place>. Say prefix PREFIX At your table Description DESCRIBE A table with 4 legs and some chairs.


The following code is used to prove your stats to another player:
+prove <stat>=<#> to <person> - Proves stat equalling <#> to <person> +prove/p <stat>=<#> to <person> - Proves permanent stat equaling <#> to <person> +prove |<stat>=<val> to <person> - Proves a non-numerical stat to <person> +prove/stats <section> to <person> - Proves a section of your stats to <person>

+prove Strength=3 to Vulcan
+prove |Nature=Bravo to Vulcan
+prove |Sense Wyrm to Vulcan
+prove/p Gnosis=5 to Vulcan
+prove/stats attr to Vulcan

Valid sections of the sheet: all, attr, abil, disc, arc, pass, aff, psy, renown, adv, gifts, path, rites, sph, bg, virt, merit, flaw, pool, extras, misc, mf, stats.

Note: <person> may also be replaced by 'here' to prove a stat to the entire room.


This system will not be active at start of game. If characters want to create a radio station, contact staff

To become a DJ, +request DJ=I'd like to be a DJ. My radio handle is <insert handle here>

Command Example Explanation
+radio/* +radio/on or +radio/off Turn on or off the radio. You'll need the radio on to phone in for special requests or for guest speaking.
+rad/call * +rad/call <on/off> This command sets the DJ for Live Broadcast. You must be set up as a DJ to use this command.
+rspeak1 *=* +rpseak1 Howard Stern=How goes Use this command when on the phone with a Live DJ. It only allows speaking, no posing or emits. It's a phone, ok?
+rspeak2 *=* +rspeak Joseph=You're on the Air! This nifty command allows a DJ to speak on the phone to a lucky listener who has called in a special request.
+gt * +gt Hello or +gt :grins Guest speakers on the radio should use this command to speak or pose Live on the Air! It uses the normal say or pose/emit syntax. If the guest has a radio-handle set, then it will use that name or the anonymous setting instead of their own name.
+rt * +rt Hello or +rt :smirks This is the command DJ's use to speak On the Air. It uses the normal syntax for say and pose-emits. If the DJ has a radio-handle, then it will use that instead of their character name.
+rad/anon * +rad/anon Joseph=Babbles or +rad/anon Joseph=anon Useful for a DJ who has a guest speaker that wishes to remain incognito. The first form sets a radio-handle for the speaker while the second sets the guest speaker anonymous.
+radquest/on * +radquest/on Joseph This puts a guest speaker On the Air.
+radio/dj Shows a list of DJs.
+radguest/off * +radquest/off Joseph Yep, this takes a guest speaker Off the Air---only for DJs. Rock On!
+rcall <dj> +rcall Brother Blood Use this command to dial up the DJ on WDVB Radio to special request!

Staff Radio Commands

Command Example Explanation
+radio/* * +radio/hire Joseph or +radio/fire Joseph Authorized DJs and Staff use this to activate a DJ for Live broadcast on the Radio.

Random Event

Never a boring day. This will generate a random event for you to rp about or through.
Feel free to submit a log.

If you think of an event that might be interesting, send a +request

+random --> Displays a random event (Logged)

Staff Commands:
+random/list   Lists randoms.
+random/log    Lists the Random Log.
+random/clear  Clears the log (WIZ).
+random/add *  Adds a random (WIZ).
+random/del *  Deletes a random (WIZ).


Set an attribute named &VIEW_<item> on any object/player/exit/room.
+view <object> - Displays viewable items on a specific object. +view <object>/<item> - Displays the view attribute set on the object.

Set an attribute on the object thus:

&view-<name of view> <object>=<text>

An example> &view-painting here=You see a painting hanging on the walls

To erase a view, simply leave the <text> area blank.

You may also set messages to be displayed to other players when a view is looked at. This is just like setting a view, but the attribute is called &oview.

An example>

&oview-painting here=takes a look at the painting hanging on the wall.

Mary and Fred are in a room and Mary does a "+view here/painting" Fred would see 'Mary takes a look at the painting hanging on the wall.'


Code is written, will not be available for use at the start of game as you are not on earth

In all cases, the proper stats (if required) are rolled and on a success, the change occurs.
There is no check for a botch in either of these commands.

+pen ---> Moves a character into and out of the Penumbra from either Real world or the umbra.
If in the umbra, used once will return you to the Penumbra. Used again will return you to the real world.

+umbra ---> Should move you from real world into the Umbra, or from penumbra into the Umbra.

  • may be modified at a later date*

+shadowstep ---> Allow Demons with Lore of Realms to transfer directly into the Shroud aka Shadowlands reality.
If you are already in the shadowlands it returns you to the real world. Auto handles die rolls.

+wstep ---> Like +shadowstep but for Wraiths. *Race closed*

+mstep ---> Allows a Mage with Spirit 3 or higher to step into the Penumbra or back to Real again. It will
warn the Mage if he or she is in Umbra and if so, suggest using +umbra to return to the Penumbra first.
It auto-handles gauntlet rolls.

+smstep ---> Allows a Mage with Entropy 3 or high access through the Shroud into the Shadowlands.

Umbral Staff Only Commands: +gauntlet/set # ---> This allows Staff to set the rank of the Gauntlet in the room in which it is typed to #. Note that if this is not set on any room, the default difficulty will be 7 automatically for ALL umbra code.

+gauntlet/check ---> This command allows staff to check the Gauntlet Difficulty of the room in which they type this command.


+time - show you the IC time, OOC and descript of moon phase.
+moon - shows you a the moon as a graphic.
+weather - gives you current weather desc, future forecast, and seasonal averages by month for temp, rainfall and snowfall.

Moon Note: While the shifter sphere is closed, you will still find reference for Rage rolls in the moon desc.
The phase, vs difficulties have been house ruled since RL moon phases are not equal in length.

For ease of handling timezone, we are using the avg dates of time change in the U.S. This means the +IC time at least should
change on March 11 (CDT, "spring forward") and Nov 4 (CST, "fall back"). Staff will monitor to make sure it works.


+timestop ---> Use this command to issue a timestop. The rules for issuing a timestop are outlined elsewhere in this help file.
The command creates an object, teleports players at the scene into it and then proceeds to 'lockdown' the object, preventing
ingress and egress. A notice is sent to Staff that a timestop was issued. The command also posts a notification to +911.

+resume ---> Use this command to clear a timestop. Only Staff can clear a timestop. The command will alert Staff that the timestop
has been completed and by whom.

Quint Commands - Mage Only

Carrying more quint than your avatar rating may allow others to sense your abundance of power via the awareness code.
Awareness code is an auto-trigger.

+sheet explanation = |Quintessence 6/15|Paradox 20/5|
As defined by M20, When Quintessence and Paradox overlap, Paradox eats up Quintessence, making Paradox the stronger "force".
Our code handles this.
Quintessence pool is read as <Current>/<Max>
Paradox is read as <Max>/<Current>
This was also a compromise to our dice code since when you roll Paradox for backlash it rolls off the number AFTER the /. It also makes sense in that on tradition paper character sheets, Quintessence and Paradox are scored in opposite direction the wheel.

Note: Game theme only allows Mages to Meditate to refill their Quintessence. The node in the realm is limited. Be prepared to find other ways to get Quintessense. Tass is more valuable.

+spend/quint # ---> to spend quint

+sense node ---> Required Prime 1. This is essentially meant to be a prime scan in an area
where a node is. If you do not own the node you will only get a vague sense of it's size. If you OWN
the node, you'll see your current/max quint the node can hold and how much tass it currently has.

+quint/meditate ---> Meditate at a node to refill your quint TO your Avatar rating.

tass bank --> displays your tass harvests (that haven't expired) (from either 'Sublimate Quint' or 'harvest tass' and tass you've been
given by other players. Also shows 'batch number', how many quint, expiration date, resonance, the form it takes and currently
the original mage who harvested.

-- Options: tass bank/exp Sorts your tass bank display by expiration date,
tass bank/batch Sorts your tass bank by batch number (this should be default)
Remember unless the tass comes in an edible form, you must make it into one. This is the only way it can be usable "on the fly"
as you can't cast another rote while in the middle of a ritual. Example: turn coins into chocolate.

harvest tass --> allows a mage to harvest tass from a node they own. Harvests a 1-month of tass
based on the level of the node and sets a 3-month expiration date. (You are essentially harvesting the most recently
solidified tass. If you have let your node sit unharvested and have more than 1-month's worth of tass,
you will need to +request for staff to harvest the rest for you, and pro-rate the appropriate expiration dates.

Node code will only allow a node to hold up to a 3-month pool of quint and tass. If you let your node sit for 4 months before harvesting Tass, that 4th month is automatically lost. Tass refills on the 5th of every month at noon game time. It is suggested you harvest your node regularly.

sublimate quint --> allows a player with Prime 3+ to harvest an amount of quint (based on automated Arete roll). A successful roll results in quint being harvest from the node as tass. It deducts quint from node, and adds an entry onto player's 'tass bank' with a 3-month expiration date.
If the roll fails, nothing happens, node is timestamped and you may try again in an hour (currently).
If the roll botches, 3 Paradox is added to your Paradox Pool, and a timestamp is created on the node. Staff are alerted
to the botch and will contact you for backlash if needed. Though generally 3 paradox will bleed off in 3 weeks.

    • transfer tass (To be written) --> Will allow players to transfer tass between themselves. Tass transfers

with original expiration date. Please +request if you want to transfer tass to someone. Staff will take care of it manually untill the code is finished.

New Nodes

This is still in development.

Player nodes must be made in-character.
This process starts with Prime 4 to 'Tap Wellspring' or created a periapt. Large amounts of tass and quint will be required.
(an amount to be determined later). Once certain requirements have been met Prime 5 will be required to transform these
gathered energies into a beating node.

Characters must prove they can protect and defend their node.

Locked Quint commands

+quint/refill <describe what you are doing icly for the rote> ---> Regain quint via Prime 3 rote. May refill you above your Avatar rating, which isn't recommended.

You regain 1 quint per success auto-rolled. If you botch, you gain 3 paradox. Staff is notified and will handle your
backlash...when it is most inconvenient of course.

+qchan <source>/<target>=<points|0>/<action>
Requires Prime 3. This command allows a Mage to channel points of quintessence from <source> to <target>.
If <points> are specified, only that amount of quint will be channeled. If 0 is specified, that means the Mage
channels an amount of points equal to his/her Avatar rating times the number of successes from the roll to
channel (Arete at diff. 6). The <action> is the emit used to perform the channeling, i.e., 'eats an apple',
'prime rote', 'sings a song', etc and is used for role-playing the scene and alerting staff, only. (needs some recoding)


Foci: plural of form of Focus.

This is how you set and see for Focus Instruments.

To see your current foci: +foci -- If you see nothing you are either not a mage, or haven't followed the steps below. Will also display the longer version on your choosen Paradigm (if it is displayed on your sheet as abbreviations), will also display the practice(s) you've choosen to use from what your paradigm(s) allow. For more info and charts Paradigms, Practices, Instruments

You are required to pick 7 tools. One of these is your "primary" tool. It is the one you learned magick with first, and is the one you rely on the most. This is, by default, a personalized Focus that is tied to your Affinity Sphere, granting you a -1 to your arete rolls involving that sphere ONLY. It is also the Focus you will drop last. You may choose to make your Primary Focus "unique" as well, in which case it will grant a -2 to rolls involving your Affinity Sphere ONLY

Aside from your Primary Focus, in M20 foci are no longer tied to spheres.


If you need help while going through this process, please ask Staff.

To start setting up for Foci type: +foci/setup

To see your foci template: +foci -- and at any time while going through these steps to see your work

To define/describe your Foci: +foci/desc <primary or a number from 1-6>=<desc> -- do for each of the 7 foci (primary,1,2,3,4,5,6)

Example: +foci/desc primary=bamboo flute handcarved as I awoke
Example: +foci/desc primary=Mentor Sasha's tea pot
Example: +foci/desc 1=artwork
Example: +foci/desc 3=Fashion
Example: +foci/desc 6=Household Tools

To set your primary Focus as Unique: +foci/unique --Sets your primary instrument as personalized and Unique, make sure the desc fits

A Mage needs to pick at least 1 paradigm, 1 practice, and seven instruments(outlined above).

To set your practice(s): +foci/practice <blah>
Please see Practices for a chart that lists which Paradigms are associated with which practices.

Example: +foci/practice Craftwork
Example: +foci/practice Alchemy, Chaos Magick, Craftwork, Crazy Wisdom, Faith

To drop a focus: Please submit a +magereq. (Example: +magereg <your name>:dropping foci=I'd like to drop my 6th focus, artwork.)

Staff commands:
+foci/drop <player>=#
+foci/undrop <player>=# (for error correcting)
+foci/sdesc <player>=#


Somedays you need something interesting. Some of these events may be such things as decreasing or removing a flaw,
gaining a merit, etc. Contrary to the way the emit is worded, it isn't a free for all. You can only do any of these
type of randoms -ONCE-. Abuse of the system will result in those randoms being removed entirely. Staff isn't going
to just take off a flaw or reduce it, or hand you a merit like a cookie. LOGS ARE EXPECTED AND MUST BE SUBMITTED.

CAVEAT: You are expected to complete the random you draw. Don't just keep using the commands to see what is
in the list. Don't ruin it for other players. Also, contact staff if you think of a random event to add in. These
can include other spheres that are closed to PCs.

+random Displays a random event. Which random was drawn, date and by whom is logged and maybe be used for Ic
news fodder, plots, etc by staff when we too need something interesting.

Staff Commands: +random/list Lists randoms. +random/log Lists the Random Log. +random/clear Clears the log (WIZ). +random/add * Adds a random (WIZ). +random/del * Deletes a random (WIZ).


COMMAND: +oocnotes ---> Will show you the oocnotes of everyone in the room including your own.

&ooc-notes me=<Relevant Out Of Character information about the character>
Note your such things as your Appearance and other relevant physical things that be noticeable to people. Do no not include racial information.
Some examples of relevant OOC (Out Of Character) information are:
Physical Attributes, Charisma, merits flaws and abilities such as Danger Sense,
Animal Magnetism, Eerie Presence, Short Fuse, and Sense Deception,'+views set',
Please keep this short and concise.

&ooc-notes me=Str: 1, Dex: 2, Sta: 4, Cha: 2, Danger Sense, +views set.
&ooc-notes me=Sense Deception: 2.

This is mainly for little notes that some people put at the end of their desc.
Instead, move it here. If people want to look at them, they have the choice.


Syntax: census <race or faction>

Examples: census mortal, census mage, census tradition, etc

This will show the census for your race or faction. This code will show you a list of everyone in your the category you choose (race or faction) that is approved for play. It will show if their 'Mode' as IC, OOC or R (Rostered) and whether they are offline or online(Idle time).

Other information may be displayed based on the category you choose to list. For example: traditions or technocracy will also show your tradition or convention, the Chantry/Cabal or Construct/Amalgam you are a part of.


Only those who are Traditions or affiliates can use this command.
Technocrats will have similiar aliased to +construct. (Not coded yet)

+chantry --> Shows a roster of mages who are members of Perseus Ascendant, their rank, position,
cabal, and tradition they are a part of. Currently this is a single chantry piece of code. It
may be expanded upon in the future to handle other chantries.

Will be recoded to handle individual chantries in time.

+chantry/info <person> --> Show you more information about <person>, such as
which sect of a tradition they belong to, and any info they wish to share.

+chantry/jump ----> will teleport you to the chantry or construct to which you are a member.
+chantry/show ----> will tell you where the safe, earth-side location of your chantry is.

&chaninfo me=<information to be shared>
This should be information that is important to know about you that would be widely known or maybe whispered about. These could be personality or behavioral traits, they could be rumors, they could be truths. You decide, it is fodder to RP. Just because there aren't 20 people logged on playing servant to your mage, doesn't mean they don't exist. NPCs have feelings too. Do you smack a female custos' butt when they bring you a beer? It should go here. It isn't permanent and you can always change it later, but do so with reason.


Set an attribute named &VIEW_<item> on any object/player/exit/room.

+view <object> - Displays viewable items on a specific object.
+view <object>/<item> - Displays the view attribute set on the object.

Set an attribute on the object thus: &view-<name of view> <object>=<text>

An example> &view-painting here=You see a painting hanging on the walls

To erase a view, simply leave the <text> area blank.

You may also set messages to be displayed to other players when a view is
looked at. This is just like setting a view, but the attribute is called &oview.

An example> &oview-painting here=takes a look at the painting hanging on the wall.

Mary and Fred are in a room and Mary does a "+view here/painting" Fred would see : Mary takes a look at the painting hanging on the wall.


Purpose: To allow you to place help text on your room.
Be sure to leave a notification at the end of your room desc
so players know to look. These are always public.


+roomhelp Shows a list of available help topics on the room you're in.
+roomhelp topic Shows you help on the specific topic for the room you're in.
Placing help on your room:

&HELP_TOPIC here=The help information.


&HELP_Menu here=This is a list of what this place serves.

Contact staff if you need more help.


When you reach 4 in an Attribute, Ability or Sphere you can declare a Specialty.

+specialties ---> Shows you are list of your specialties.

+set/specialty <attribute/ability>=<specialty>

Will set a specialty for an attribute or ability that is 4+

Check your +specialties after attempting to set one. If it didn't set or doesn't
appear correct somehow, Contact Staff
This will not set specialties for Lores, +request staff for those.
Any roll you make that involves your specialty will give you 2 success, instead
of rerolling 10's.


+meet <player> -- Initiates a summon request to target player. You can request multiple summons.
+meet/reject <player> -- Reject the player's request (join or summon)
+meet/accept <player> -- Accept the players request (join or summon)
Invitation times out at 120 seconds


There is no risk system currently in use on this game. We find +risk systems are often abused to avoid consequences of IC actions, or that IC reactions are often exaggerated beyond what is reasonable because of the assumed risk level.

You will never be forced to role-play out something you don't want to rp. However, that means staff must decide the outcome. Death is never completely unavoidable. There are plenty of merits and such to mitigate death, or delay it.

Some scenes and consequences may take you away from public grid play. Staff will make sure scenes are provided for you, or at least give you a daily update, until your IC condition/situation releases you back to the grid. Remember, the game runs on 1:1 time, and some situations simply take longer to resolve than others. There is no good way to skip time forward when it doesn't make sense to do so for the whole grid.

Awareness Code

We have implemented to help make awareness a more viable aspect of the game. This is specifically, for
those with 'Awareness', 'Kenning', Or the gifts 'Sense Magic' or 'Sense The Unnatural'.
The code will automatically make rolls at the difficulty of the effect: The rolls have a threshold of 2.
That is, they need to get more than 2 successes to see anything. Those who are merely benefiting from
'Sense Magic' will not benefit from any more than 4 successes: Any more than that are ignored.

Awareness code is set by staff when a permanent or long-wearing rote is cast on an object, room or player. The difficulty of the autoroll (9 - highest power level used) +1 if personal effect, +1 if static magic (e.g. disciplines, gifts..), -1 if area-effect.

Examples: Casting a Calming Rote (Mind 3) on an office(area of effect) = diff 9-3(mind 3)-1(aoe)= 5

A Correspondence 3 ward cast on yourself = diff 9 - 3(corr 3) + 1(personal effect) = 7

Rolled success equates to receiving the following information:
3 successes: that they detect magic: If it is particularly unusual magic, it might be mentioned as being so here.

4 successes. As for 3, but give the resonance of the effect. This is almost certainly the resonance of the mage who cast
it, or some general form of resonance based on the race if it's not a mage, or even a very mild resonance based on the emotion of the sorcerer/psychic casting it.

5 successes: As for 4, but mention the source of the effect: From PlayerA, for example.

6 successes: As for 5, although the source might get more precise: If It's an item Sol is carrying, for example,
it might become 'from something on Sol's person'. Also, state the target - who it affects.

7+ successes: As for 6, but add in a rough - very rough - idea of what it might be for. Mental defense, sensory, whatever.

This code also handles a certain level of "passive" awareness. If someone is carrying more quint than they should,
their resonance might be sensed. Failed/Botched roll emit are sometimes interesting. Also the stronger your resonance,
the more likely it is to be sensed.

Event code

events                                 List events, sorted by number.
events/date                            List events, sorted by date.
events/mine                            Events I signed up for, sorted by date.
events/st <name>                       Events <name> is running, can be 'me'.
event <#> View an event. event/signup <#> Sign up for an event. event/unsignup <#> Remove yourself from an event. aliases: /leave, /resign

Signing up for an event with max participants (see /limit, below) may put you on
a waitlist. People on a waitlist may still be able to participate, depending on
the event runner. Regardless, if a cancelation or removal puts you on the active
list, you will be notified by @mail.

event/create <name>=<date and time>/<genre>/<summary>

Example format for <date and time>: Mon Jun 19 19:00:00 2021
Time zone defaults to &default.timezone on the Events Code Object.
For 2:00 pm EST, /create with '14:00:00' then /timezone with 'EST'. Don't include time zone with /create or /date;
It doesn't work right.

event/date <#>=<date and time> Change date/time of an event. event/timezone <#>=<zone> Change time zone of an event. event/name <#>=<name> Change name of an event. event/genre <#>=<genre> Change genre of an event. event/sum <#>=<description> Change description of an event. event/addsum <#>/<title>=<desc> Add a new titled summary to the event. event/addsum <#>/<title>= Remove a titled summary from the event.
event/limit <#>=<max participants> How many people can the event run. (Overflow players can still sign up.) event/limit <#>= Remove the limit of max participants. event/remove <#>=<player> Remove participant from an event. event/cancel <#> Cancel an event. event/mail <#>=<text> Mail all participants.
event/announce <description> will broadcast <description> to the defined

Events Announcement channel. While originally designed for spontaneous scenes,
this can also be used to announce that a scheduled event will start soon.

Original code by Cobalt from the TinyMUX/World of Darkness game space.


We have a roster of premade characters that players are welcome to play. Some of these characters require an application, some don't.

+roster -- gives a list of available characters

+roster/info <line number> -- Will give you the basic descriptive information about the character. Fullname, Application required?, race, gender, age (apparent), birthday, eyes, hair, height, weight, vocation, ooc-info, personality, description, family, and relationships, and wiki. Most of this information (and that in +relationships) is available on the character's wiki page.

(TBW) +relationships <line number> -- Will display the characters publicly known relationships.

+secrets -- These are not viewable till the character is assigned to a player. Some roster characters will have secrets. Some secrets are meant to help create plots. Some may be fatal if followed through, but that is the point. Some might just little chaotic, or funny, or just a little flavor to the character. There may also be secret relationships.

See Roster Characters for more info.


These commands can work in conjunction with Timestops.

+init --> Will roll your initiative and store it.

+Linit -->Will list the initiatives in your location.