Construction Help

From Ascension Sojourns

There are plenty of businesses and homes that can be bought, re-desc, etc and linked to the grid as well.

Please submit a +build for the buildings/rooms you want. Be sure to include the desc of at least 1 room, and let us know any important information.

Syntax: +build <type of building, name of it or both>=<info>

Example 1: +build business=I'd like to take ownership of <name of business/home/etc>. I plan to use the building as is. Please link this build to <name of the grid room>.

Example 2: +build Wild Bill Saloon=I'd like to take ownership of <name of business/home/etc>. I plan to use the building as is. Please link this build to <name of the grid room>.

Example 3: +build home-Crescent Dream=I want to take ownership of The Crescent Dream. I will be redescing and remodeling existing rooms into the following rooms: Living room, master bedroom, study. I would like an additional room for a backyard. Livingroom desc: A big room with a couch, loveseat, and big windows that look into the backyard.

Example 4: +build home=I'll take the cozy cottage as is. Please link to <name of grid room>.

Staff will contact you as needed. Build jobs not completed in 30 days will be reclaimed and repurposed.

Basic Build Help

Once you receive your starter room(s) you will need to make sure these items are set on all of them based on their environment.

@parent here=<db of room parent you want>
Available Parents: #171 INDOOR WINDOWED ROOM PARENT #172 INDOOR WINDOWLESS ROOM PARENT #173 Outdoor Room Parent

Your new room, at this point, should show you instructions for setting the desc(s) for the room.

PC Owned Businesses

The following information needs to be set during the building process, on your main room/lobby. This information is used when someone uses +hangouts/info <business name> (example below)

Note: The Manager and Contact are sometimes not the person who built it due to things like Alternate Identity and other things. One of these categories need to be a PC so people can reach someone in charge of the business ICly.

In time there may be code to make setting this information easier. For now, it has to be done manually.
&manager here=<blah> ---- The manager may be yourself, another PC or NPC. IF your manager is a PC just use their name. If it is an NPC, please specify this. Example: &manager here=Maria-NPC

&contact here=<blah> --- Perhaps someone who has an extra set of keys to the place. An emergency contact of sorts. Who would the Fire department call?

&help_Hours here=<blah> --- This should be the Ic hours your place is typically open. You can allow people to be there after hours, of course. This is used to provide you some protection if people are there during your closed hours and you wish to use that ICly. (Make sure you get a security camera)

&help_prices here=<blah> --- Give folks an idea of what they can look to be spending in your business. An Upscale Restaurant might do: &help_prices here= $$$ per plate Or you can specify a resources range: &help_prices here= Res 2+ There is a variety of ways to fill in this area.

Owner/Location/Rank/Nightzone(NZ)/Similiar Places ---- These are set by staff.
Owner --- If you wish to be an anonymous owner, let staff know. Something can be worked out. Be aware this might pose some minor clunkiness with the +lock system which require staff assistance.
Rank --- A system yet to be hashed out by staff but is generally a representation the popularity of your business. Thoughts are to either have a home-brewed rating system. Or it might be some deviation of Owner's Fame and Rank backgrounds.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Business Summary --=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
                         Information for <Business name here>                    
Name: <Business namehere> Rank: n/a Taxi: #52 Owner: NPC Owner or Not set Hiring: n/a Manager: Not set or NPC Contact: not set Location: <grid room linked to> NZ: -

IC Hours: The hours of operation for the cafe are 6am - 2pm IC time.
The owner/chef does occassionally rent out the dining room for evening dinner parties such as rehearsal dinners and the like. If you are wishing to be here outside the hours of operation for -nefarious- reasons, please contact staff.
Price Range:3

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