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The Butterfly Effect: A chaos theory that small events can have enormous consequences.

There are NPCs in the game. They are affected by every effect you cast, and potentially everything you do. What you thought was only a whisper, might have been overheard. Did it plant a good idea or bad idea? Feel free to use these as ideas to incorporate into your rp. Don't like one of these, change it. Run an idea by staff with how you plan to do that.


If you'd like to be get in on any of the plots listed below, please +request with the name of the plot and your availablity.

Scheduled scenes will be suspended on 11/23/2023 to celebrate Thanksgiving.
TP/Prp Name Summary Cabal Name When Additional Players
Wednesday Session Regular Wednesday session April 1 - October 1 - Every Wednesday 7pm-9pm CST any,all
Thursday Session Regular Thursday session Oct 2 - Mar 31 - Every Thursday 7pm-9pm CST any,all
SIRG on SIR* "Starbridge" (Ethership) Investigation and Repair TBD Nicolas(R)

Current Events

  • Timeline of Unity Current Events and news can be found here: Unity Timeline

Past Time Line

METAPLOT events that happened or didn't.
June 8, 2000: (metaplot info for Earth) The Avatar Storm ends. It endured a year-and-a-day after "The Week of Nightmares" ended. (Leap Year)
July 15, 1999: The Red Star, known as Telos or Mirzaba to Mages, became visible. What remained of masters on earth began planning the next Grand Convocation.
June 1-7 1999: The Week of Nightmares. Avatar Storm starts.
Doissetep Nov 10, 1997: Porthos dies at the destruction of Doissetep.
Digital Web Nov 10, 1997: The Great White Out. "On November 10, 1997, it killed — a lot. For three eternal seconds, it all went away. Every connection between RealSpace and Webspace was shattered by a gargantuan wave of pure White. When things came back online, dozens were dead, hundreds were dazed, crazy or catatonic, and decades of formatting had been undone or corrupted. In the mortal world, screens went blank, networks froze and data disappeared. In the deeper, more magickal levels of the Web, the damage was far more severe." - Digital Web 2.0
1996: Horizon lost (Leap Year)

Sphere Vs Sphere

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