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The Butterfly Effect: A chaos theory that small events can have enormous consequences.

There are NPCs in the game. They are affected by every effect you cast, and potentially everything you do. What you thought was only a whisper, might have been overheard. Did it plant a good idea or bad idea? Feel free to use these as ideas to incorporate into your rp. Don't like one of these, change it. Run an idea by staff with how you plan to do that.


If you'd like to be get in on any of the plots listed below, please +request with the name of the plot and your availablity.

Scheduled scenes will be suspended on 11/23/2023 to celebrate Thanksgiving.
TP/Prp Name Summary Cabal Name When Additional Players
Welcome Wagon Meet the newest mysteriously arrived person. any,all
SIRG on SIR* "Starbridge" (Ethership) Investigation and Repair TBD Brian(R)

Current Effects

Players may attempt to ICly change any of these laws. Some will be easy to change, others will be harder as they affect many other things. Submit a +request to Staff if you'd like to attempt to make a change.

Current ICly Active Laws, Paradigms, Restrictions, Freedoms, Improvements, etc
Date Implemented Name Description
April 3, 2017 Realm Improvement
Umbral Storm prediction
The Khavadi of the realm have come to notice certain tell-tale signs in the penumbra and umbra of the horizon realm that seem to predict when the next umbral storm may move over the realm. There is still room for improvement as these signs are accurate about 59% of the time.
August 31, 2011 Realm Improvement
Perpetual Power
Through the use of hypertech, and the natural resources in and around the realm, the Society of Ether was able to create a power source for each building. This take the form of a small perpetual motion machine that generates electricity. While they work well most of the time, however they possess a small flaw, when the umbral hurricanes/thunderstorms (remnants of the Avatar Storm) move over the Horizon shell, they all stop working.
May 4, 2001 Ether Port Act The Society of Ether is hereby required to keep sufficient protections on the Ether Port. Protections will be tested by The Nine at unscheduled intervals. A quarantine period of a week is required for all returning Etherships, during which time a Medical Cabal will be assigned to monitor the ship's crew, and anything they bring back.
Dec 10, 2000 Limited Population Act A lottery is held every year. [Read about Family life here.]
**For every active PC there are 10 NPCs. If game population exceeds 50 players staff will make adjustments to theme population limits to fit the story. Inspiration was taken from the Ascension series found on Youtube.
Dec 10, 2000 Graceful Death Provision At or near the time of a resident's death, the Entropy Seat Holder (Izahl Parim), will weigh the worth of their death. If found worthy, the Quintessence in their pattern will be returned to the node by the Prime Seat Holder (Rev.Mo. Agnes Conway). (OOC This is not encouragement to Player Kill)Mage Charts#Quintessence_Amounts_in_Patterns Quintessence Amounts in Patterns
Oct 25 2000 Prohibition of Motor Vehicles No gasoline power motors of any kind are permitted to be manufactured. The use of Quintessence or Tass to run motors is expressly forbidden due to the limitation of the realm's node.
Apr 27, 2000 Quintessence Distribution Rule The node is limited and as such drawing from it is limited to one of the First Nine. A mage must petition the Nine (ie, +request) for how much quintessence and tass they need, and the reason. There are certainly other ways to gather Quintessence instead of draining the node.
Apr 23, 2000 Migration Day All the groups of mages, in whatever ritual site they had choosen, migrated into Unity.

Past Time Line

METAPLOT events that happened or didn't.
June 8, 2000: (metaplot info for Earth) The Avatar Storm ends. It endured a year-and-a-day after "The Week of Nightmares" ended. (Leap Year)
July 15, 1999: The Red Star, known as Telos or Mirzaba to Mages, became visible. What remained of masters on earth began planning the next Grand Convocation.
June 1-7 1999: The Week of Nightmares. Avatar Storm starts.
Doissetep Nov 10, 1997: Porthos dies at the destruction of Doissetep.
Digital Web Nov 10, 1997: The Great White Out. "On November 10, 1997, it killed — a lot. For three eternal seconds, it all went away. Every connection between RealSpace and Webspace was shattered by a gargantuan wave of pure White. When things came back online, dozens were dead, hundreds were dazed, crazy or catatonic, and decades of formatting had been undone or corrupted. In the mortal world, screens went blank, networks froze and data disappeared. In the deeper, more magickal levels of the Web, the damage was far more severe." - Digital Web 2.0
1996: Horizon lost (Leap Year)

Sphere Vs Sphere

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