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This is game is based on a concept of world-building where player actions have an effect on the WHOLE game. See Charater Generation for banned/restricted concepts and stats. Contact staff to discuss your concept before starting chargen.


On July 15, 1999, following the "Week of Nightmares", the red star known as Telos or Mirzaba, appeared in the bowl of the Big Dipper. There were theories that this star had heralded the destruction of Pompeii in 79 CE. The appearance of this star, with the recently discovered avatar storm, convinced the masters that remained on Earth to call for a convocation to decide the fate of mage and those affliated with them. The word was sent out quickly far and wide. Lessons from the past were learned so messages were encrypted and hidden to keep the Technocratic snoops off the trail. It was scheduled for April 23,2000, Easter weekend.

Halloween Weekend 1999 the masters were finally able to meet, in secret, to discuss the sudden changes. It was decided that they would create a new horizon realm. Over the weekend they opened the anchorhead and secured a realm they called Unity.

Over the next three months they gave Unity the nine spheres. They gave it cycles of light, dark, and weather that matched Earth. They gave it space, directions, and boarders. They gave it flora and fauna. They gave it weight, gravity, and a wellspring which they continued to feed. It was not a perfect earth replica, but close.

At the Grand Convocation in February 2000, they presented their case. That the appearance of the Avatar Storm and Telos were the heralds of the end of Earth. Unity was presented to the gathering. Some touted it as the Ascension they has always talked about. Some just claimed it was time they save themselves for a change. Others sold it as a new start. OF course there were dissenters, but their voices did not rule the day.

The only problem, Unity was limited in the number of people it could support. The Wellspring could only support a limited number of mages, and thus, only a limited number of custodes. To be precise 100 mages, and 400 custodes.

Systems were set up to vet and authorize those mage and their custodes that wanted to leave. No mage could go alone, and no custos could either. At least in pairs, though usually in groups of five. Not only were the number of bodies limited, but so was the number of possession one could take with them. Entire lives were packed into one suitcase per person. Then on Easter weekend, at nine large nodes across the planet, each lead by one of the masters the rituals were done to take the each group into Unity.

What story was told to family and friends that were left behind on Earth, were as varied as the imagination.

A New Start

In the beginning, Unity was a small island that housed the five hundred that has made the trip. Some brought tents, some didn't. There were trying and testing times for residents of Unity. After time to rest from the journey, the magi wasted no time in providing more comforts. The first two comforts were Cafe Nowhere, and Hartstone Suites. Each magi was assigned a suite for their entourage. And so here everyone lived.

Others have brought seeds with them and set up gardens to provide food. While other simply magicked food into being, but this was also a drain on the Wellspring. Magick was easy, everything was coincidental. The shape, the laws, everything about Unity changed on a daily basis. Sometimes hourly. As was bound to happen, paradigms clashed, as every mage had their own ideals of what is ideal, and of what stability meant.

To quiet the growing fights, and complaints, the Nine masters gathered again. This time to create the portal stones. Each stone, carved with the glyph of a Sphere and Tradition, leading to another small island in the realm. One for each tradition. But this option to separate came with a price. The stones claim their payment when one steps through them, each way. Needing to find a way to keep the Wellspring with a reserve, the stones claim a mote of quintessence from each mage that passes through in each direction. For the custodes, they must have on them a ration of tass.

Thus, some of the Traditions spread out into the islands to settle. Their paradigms shaped their provinces. However, a good number also stayed in Unity where the Nine Masters set up the chantry and council table in the back of Cafe Nowhere.

Twenty-four years later

It is here that your intrepid character joins Unity, or becomes more than just one of the five-hundred faces. Were you one of the first ones born there? Are you one of the original 500? For whatever reason, the population never seems to rise much above this number. What is your contribution to the world?

Or, are you a rare outsider? Somehow, someway, you stumbled onto one of the original ritual sites on Earth. So obviously Earth didn't get destroyed as they thought it would. What do you bring with you? How do you change this new world. Unfortunately, some don't survive the trauma of being lost into this world. On Earth, one might find a mage still living that is willing to talk about what happened, but they have worked hard to keep it secret and hushed to keep Unity safe.

Common Thoughts

Everyone who migrated into Unity is considered "Officially Dead" (as in the merit) on Earth. The general consensus is that Unity is home. The majority have no thought of returning to Earth even if they know it still exists. The original migrants are firmly set in the idea that Earth is in its death throws, however long that takes, and beyond saving. For those born in Unity, this is home, where they have grown up and made their lives.

At the time of the migration, Unity was meant to be a new 'forever home'. They didn't know how or when Earth was going to be destroyed, but they were adamant that it would be. They migrated with the understanding there was no going back. They were escaping their doom.

When the ethership "Starbridge" docked at the etherport, the population of Unity had already been there for a decade. It was the crew of this ship that told them Earth was still intact and thriving. However, now that news is over a decade old itself. Is Earth still intact? Is anyone interested in trying to go back? Those able to clearly see future possibilities still say Earth is in its death throws, but no one knows how long those may last.

Going back to Earth is going to be a long game. The ships need to be rebuilt, repaired, modified, made fuel efficient, etc. There simply isn't enough Tass/Quint to magic themselves back to Earth. Even if there was, it would be vulgar, and paradox would slam down hard on everyone making that trip.

Jobs and Resources

Unity is still in its Spring. It is still in its first generation. Money (Resources) as it was known on Earth became immediately useless in Unity. Those that brought money with them in any form, kept it as tokens of their former life, memories. With the Wellspring/Node of the realm being so limited in how many it can support, tass became a currency unto itself. Missions out on the Etherships often allowed crew members to bring back exotic tass, sublimated from the patterns of space whales and whatever they encountered.

Still, tass is hard to come by. What other forms of economics will grow out of Unity.

There are still jobs that need to be filled in the realm. People are needed to tend animals, raise crops, build and mend wagons, produce clothing, entertainment, and run businesses. Typical of what one would have found on Earth. Though a lot of businesses still work on the barter system, as a steady method of currency hasn't been found yet. There are even more technology-related jobs.

Resources can be thought of more as your "bartering power" in the new realm. However, having Resources 0 doesn't mean you are homeless and starving. Unity is about... unity, therefore you are still taken care of. You have shelter in the barracks in the basement of Hartstone Suites, and NoWhere Cafe will still feed you.

Technology of Unity

Unity's technology is sort of stuck at the years 1999 - 2000. Cellphones as we know them didn't exist. Landlines were still the main mode of communication. Only the very wealthy may have had "car phones" or early cellphones on 2G.

There are no gasoline powered cars in Unity. The Verbenae won the fight against the Society of Ether one that one. Bicycles, yes. Horse/Ox and Wagon, yes. Skateboard, roller skates, in-line skates, all yes.

The rare outsiders, that happen to fall through one of the original ritual sites on Earth, occassionally bring with them modern technology. But how will it work in Unity, if at all? Is it even technology they want to keep?

Province Themes

8L455 IDE

8L455 Integrated Development Environment - Correspondence - Mercurial Elites

A cross between "The Stacks" in "Ready Player One", "Tron", and a labryinth. It isn't that the province is disorganized, it is a reflection of the Mercurial Elites' control of Correspondence, and finding their way through it. Though they have been kind enough to keep major streets and landmarks generally aligned with the cardinal directions to make it easier for others to find their way about.

Valley of Solace

Entropy - Chakravant

The main focus of the valley is the cemetery which is peaceful and comforting, despite the purpose and meaning of the place. Headstones of various sizes are the only mark of someone's passing. There are no bodies buried here, instead bodies are cremated by magickal fire. The ashes are buried beneath each headstone.
Valley of Solace.jpg

Augury Tower

Forces - Order of Hermes

Hermetically sealed.
Augury Tower.jpg


Life - Verbenae

Anything from tree houses to hobbit holes, overgrown cottages to caves, housing is as eccletic as the traditions members.
But Life abounds in the province. The majority of food raised in the realm come from this province.

Vertsea-garden1.png  Vertsea-Northpic.png  Vertsea-garden2.png

Mount Lokou

Mind - Akashayana



Walden Cybernautical College - Matter - Society of Ether

Shrine of the Holy Lake

Prime - Celestial Chorus

Everything in the province seems more fresh, ethereal, clean, and energetic thanks to the Wellspring/Node that resides in the province and is tended by Agnes Conway

All doorways in the province are some version with a pointed arch, whether it contains a door or not. This reminds all in the realm to look to "The One".

Walkways in the province are cobbled from smooth river stone. Venetian arch.png

Lodge of the Raven

Spirit - Khavadi


Time - Sahijaya

If one can derive pleasure from it, or lose track of time doing it, or stretch their boundaries with it,
IT maybe found here. Whatever IT might be. Pleasure for mental, social and physical interests can be found in this province.

There is no true theme to the architecture of the province as everyone's tastes are different.

Government and Law Enforcement

See: Government page


See: Etherships page for info and logs

Unity vs Earth

In every way that matters Unity is a convincing reflection of Earth (with the exception there is no Dreaming, no fae). All layers of the umbra exist, though they may look different. Every type of landscape you find on Earth can be found in Unity. The only major difference is the level of technology, the lack of gas engines, pollution elements, and automations. Because of this, there is no "global warming" in Unity.

Game Inspiration

[Ascension mini-series.] Warning: adult content
[Galatica 1978] You'll have to find full episodes on your own.
More to come.