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Bonus ways to get XP

The following are ways to earn extra XP, as thanks for contributing to the game. More may be added later, but this is a start.

* 1 xp for every 10 spelling, grammer, punctuation, etc errors that is reported. These errors may be found on the wiki, in-game +help or +news, or in  room descriptions, exit messages, etc.  Please report these via: +typo <message>.  Please be specific with where the error is found. If you use +typo in a grid room where the error is found, this will be transmitted into the job automatically. Please only have 1 typo job open at a time. Other can be added via:  +myjob/add <job #>/<message>.  When 10 errors have been reported and corrected, xp will be awarded and the job closed.
* 1 xp per new room description. These rooms must be outside of any build you own, and must contribute to the grid as a whole. For example: staff puts out the call asking for room descs for a build to be added to the grid. Or, you want to build something to contribute to the grid. Creating the whole building may earn extra xp above 1 xp per room description. ** In the case of full builds, they must fit within the theme of where they will be placed.

Basic XP Chart

Trait XP Cost
Attribute Current Rating x 4
New Ability (primary or secondary) 3
Raise Existing Ability (primary or secondary) Current Rating x 2
Willpower Current Rating
New Background (other than Totem/etc.) 3
Raise Existing Background (other than Totem/etc.) Current Rating x 3*
Totem / Jamak / Nushi / Orisha Bond 2 per dot
New / Increase Merit 3x Rating / Difference**
Buy off / Reduce Flaw 2x Rating / Difference**
  • Not all backgrounds can be increased after chargen. Note xp

cost of current x 3 per M20 pg 253. Also, see Mage section for Sanctum background cost.

    • Staff may, at their discretion, deny or allow the purchases of Merit and Flaws

after chargen. Staff may also hand out Merits and/or Flaws if they believe it has
been earned during the course of a staff-ran plot. The cost of buy or buying-off
Merits and Flaws may be adjusted as appropriate.


LEVEL Requirements and Cost LORE example
Reduced XP cost represents that you learned the majority in the upper level.
Lower level represent know more specific "secrets".
General Level Lores Follow same xp guidelines as regular abilities above Mage, Vampire, Garou, Etc
First 2nd-Level Lores Prereq: General Racial Lore @ 4,
first dot free.
Most Tribes and Faction. Exception: Bastet tribes
Additional 2nd-Level Lores Prereq: Same General Racial Lore @ 4
XP Cost: current level
First 3rd-Level Lore Prereq: appropriate Second-Level Lore @ 3
first one free.
Bastet tribes, all mage traditions and unions, vampire clans
Additional 3rd-Level Lore 2xp per lore


Trait XP Cost Page Number
New power 1 XP per dot The Bygone Bestiary pg 102
Increased power 1 XP per added dot


Trait XP Cost Page Number
Faith Current Rating x 7 DtF pg 164
Torment 10 to lower by 1
New Lore 7 (10 if from a House other than the character's)
Raise Existing Lore Current Rating x 5
Raise Virtue Current Rating x 2


Ref M20 pg 253

Trait XP Cost
Arete Current Rating x 8
Affinity Sphere Current Rating x 7
New Sphere 10
Raise Other Existing Sphere Current Rating x 8
New Sanctum Background 6
Raise Existing Sanctum Current x 6
Staff Discretion for Play Testing
+Avatar XP Chart
Avatar Rating XP Cost Avatar Rating XP Cost
1 to 2 16xp 5 to 6 48 xp
2 to 3 24xp 6 to 7 56 xp
3 to 4 32xp 7 to 8 64 xp
4 to 5 40xp 8 to 9 72 xp
9 to 10 80xp


Trait XP Cost Reference
New Numina 7 Sorcerer - pg 45
Raise Existing Numina Current Rating x 7
Ritual level of ritual x 3 House Rule