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For specific wizard duel systems, see the General Mage Help under Duels and Challenges section.

Order of Battle
• Initiative: Initiative Rating (Dexterity + Wits) + one die.

• Attack: See whether or not attacks hit their targets.

• Defense: See whether or not a defender has avoided an attack.

• Damage: Determine how badly the combatants get hurt.

• Projectile Guns: Dexterity + Firearms.

• Hypertech Force Guns: Dexterity + Energy Weapons.

• Thrown Weapons: Dexterity + Athletics.

• Hand-Held Weapons: Dexterity + Melee.

• Bare-Hand Attacks: Dexterity + Brawl, Martial Arts, Athletics, or Do.

• Magickal Attacks: Arete. If attack involves a strike or weapon, roll appropriate Trait as above.

• Dodge: Dexterity + Athletics, difficulty 6. Each success removes one attacker success.

• Block: Dexterity + Brawl or Martial Arts, difficulty variable.

• Parry: exterity + Melee or Martial Arts, difficulty variable.

• Desperate Defense: Dexterity + Athletics, -1 die per attacker after first.

• Countermagick: Arete, difficulty 8, as a dodge

• Damage: As attack type, difficulty 6; dice pool is
attacker’s damage roll + numbers of successes after the first.

• Soaking: Stamina roll, difficulty 6; each success removes one damage success.

• Bashing: All characters can soak.

• Lethal: Humans cannot soak without armor, except under Cinematic Damage option.

• Aggravated: No soak without special protection.

Magick and Violence
• Violence as Focus: One action, two rolls: Arete/Enlightenment,
to see if magick succeeds; and attack roll (as above) to see if
attack succeeds. If violence is focus and character cannot
perform one without the other, then player does not need to
divide dice pool as if performing multiple actions.

• Violence Enhances Magick: Two actions, two rolls: roll attack
normally; each success lowers difficulty for subsequent Arete
roll by -1 (maximum modifier -3).

• Magick Enhances Violence: Two actions, two rolls: Arete roll
to cast Effect; each success reduces difficulty of subsequent
attack by -1 for each success (maximum modifier of -3).

• Fast-Casting:Improvised magickal attack; +1 difficulty on Arete roll.

Spirit Combat
• Initiative: Spirits roll Willpower for initiative.

• Attack: Spirits roll Willpower, difficulty 6, unless using a Charm.

• Defense: Spirits roll Willpower, difficulty 6, to dodge; or else
split Willpower dice pool between attack and dodge.

• Damage: Spirits roll Rage, difficulty 6; each success inflicts
one health level of damage. Said damage may be lethal or aggravated,
depending upon Charm. Mages with Spirit/ Dimensional Science Sphere
can soak spirit damage, difficulty 6; mages without
Spirit can soak with Arete, difficulty 8.

• Soak Damage: Spirits soak damage with their Willpower Trait.
Materialized spirits attack and defend as physical characters. Most physical attacks and weapons cannot harm un-Materialized spirits,
nor can Spheres other than Prime and Spirit/ Dimensional Science.

Action Summaries

Action Description Examples
Reflexive No roll Spending Willpower, soaking damage, saying something brief.
Simple One roll, one success needed Throwing a punch, looking up to spot someone, making a clever remark designed to impress someone.
Multiple Divide lowest dice pool between actions Pulling out a wrench and hitting someone with it, running to a door and then yanking it shut.
Extended Several rolls, with an assigned number of successes Fixing a computer, conducting a ritual.
Resisted Opposing players roll against each other Grabbing an angry cat, impressing a potential client.
Extended and Resisted Several rolls against each other Bathing angry cat, arguing online to impress an audience.