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Environmental Hazards

Fire Damage

Heath Levels/ Turn Size of Fire
One Torch; part of body burned
Two Bonfire; half of body seared
Three Inferno; body engulfed
Soak Difficulties Heat of Fire
3 Candle first degree burns)
5 Campfire (second degree burns)
7 Bunsen burner (third degree)
8 Electrical fire
9 Chemical fire
10 Molten lava or metal


Health Levels/ Turn Electrical Source
Two Minor; wall socket
Four Major; protective fence
Six Severe; junction box
Eight Fatal; subway rail


Type Blast Area Blast Power Burn Notes
Toxic Gas Grenade 4 N/A No See Toxins chart
Concussion Grenade 3 8 dice No Bashing damage, not lethal
Fragmentation Grenade 3 12 dice No
Molotov Cocktail 2 8 dice Yes Aggravated damage.
IED 3-5 8-15 dice Depends #4Might also be incendiary (aggravated damage + fire) or shrapnel (half armor protection).
Suicide Bomb 4-6 10-15 dice Depends Strapped to, or inside of, user; kills user upon ignition.
Might also be incendiary (aggravated damage + fire) or shrapnel (half armor protection).
Gasoline 3 2 Yes Aggravated damage.
Gas Tank (car) 5 12 dice Yes Aggravated damage.
Car Bomb 5 20 dice Depends Might also be incendiary (aggravated damage + fire) or shrapnel (half armor protection).
Truck Bomb 20 30 dice Depends Might also be incendiary (aggravated damage + fire) or shrapnel (half armor protection).
Blasting Powder 1 1 Yes #6 Loose gun- or flash powder; also creates blinding flare when ignited
Dynamite 3-5 6 dice/ stick Yes
Nitroglycerin 4 3 No Liquid, unstable; may ignite upon impact.
Plastique 1-6 1-20 No May be shaped for precise explosion area; stable until ignited by electronic detonator.
Napalm 10-50 Special Yes Jellied gasoline; aggravated damage. Storyteller rolls one die to determine how much flaming napalm hits a given character,

then rolls that many dice per turn for 10 turns. Not extinguished by water, only by total lack of oxygen. Successful dodge reduces damage dice pool by one die per success.

Small Rocket 3-6 10-15 dice No
Artillery Shell 10 20-30 dice No
Nuke 1-30 miles Seriously? Yes Aggravated damage.

Dodging the Blast

Difficulty Size of Explosion
6 Small detonation (grenade, Molotov cocktail)
8 Large explosion (gas tanks, small bombs, IEDs)
9 Huge explosion (artillery rounds, tanker trucks, truck bomb


Toxin Rating Difficulty Disease Poison or Drug
One 6 Cold (B) Alcohol (B), Cocaine (B), Tear Gas (cloud, B)
Two 7 Chicken Pox (B), Food Poisoning (B), MRSA (L) Methamphetamine (B), Methanol (L)
Three 7 Influenza (B); Cancer, Early (L); Pneumonia (L) Ptomaine (B), Tainted Water (B), Belladonna (L)
Four 8 HIV (L); Leprosy (L); Cancer, Advanced(L) Salmonella (B), Ammonia (L), Fouled Water (B)
Five 8 Severe Flu (B/L); Cholera (B); Cancer,Extensive (L) Bleach (L), Industrial Waste (L), Chlorine Gas (L)
Six 9 Bubonic Plague (L), Anthrax (L) Strong Acids (L)
Seven 9/T3 Ebola (avoid as cloud, L) Sarin (L), Cyanide (L), Acidic Sludge (L)
Notes: Clouds of toxins inflict damage per turn spent within the cloud without gas protection gear and cannot be dodged; to avoid the effects, a character needs protective gear or Life 2 magick. Many toxic chemicals work on skin contact and cannot be avoided by holding one’s breath. Clouds also drift with wind and may be dispersed or spread with Forces 2 or higher Effects.


Durability Substance is…
1 Fragile (normal glass, thin wood or ceramic)
2 Breakable (sturdy glass, plywood, crockery)
3 Breakable but tough (interior door, safety glass, drywall, thin metal)
4 Strong and rigid
5 Strong and flexible
6 Solid
7 Solid and thick
8 Solid, thick, and reinforced
9 Thick, solid, and dense
10 Exceedingly strong and dense
11+ Damn near impenetrable
Structure Object is…
1 Fragile (wine glass, light bulb)
2-3 Easily broken (window, laptop, drywall)
4-5 Sturdy and complex (car engine, camera,printer)
6-7 Sturdy and simple (table, plank, tire, thick door, brick wall)
8-9 Thick and simple (stone wall, streetlight pole, metal bulkhead)
10 Thick and reinforced (safe, bank vault, building foundation)
11+ Built to take enormous punishment (airliner, ship, military vehicle)

Sample Objects and Surfaces

Object/Surface Durability Structure Damage Notes
Window 1-3 1-3 1 #1
Plexiglas 3-5 5 2
Screen Door 2 2 N/A
Flimsy Door 1 5 1
Thick Door 2-4 5-7 2
Metal Door 3-5 6-8 4
Vault Door 10 10-18 8
Drywall 3 2-4 1 #2
Wooden Wall 3-5 6-8 2 #2
Brick Wall 6-8 6-8 3 #2
Stone Wall 6-9 8-9 3 #2
Steel Wall 7-10 8-15 4 #2
Chain Link Fence 2 6 1 #2
Wooden Fence 2-4 3-6 2 #2
Metal Fence 3-4 7-10 3 #2
Object/Surface Durability Structure Damage Notes
Chair 3-4 4-6 1-2
Coffin 2 7 2
Computer 1-3 2-4 1-2
Couch 3 7 3
Lamp 1-2 2-3 1
Shelving Unit 3-4 6-7 2
Table/Desk 2-4 4-6 2-3
TV 2 2 2
Street Objects
Mailbox 2-3 2-6 1-2
Manhole Cover 4 6 3
Metal Bars 4-8 6-7 2
Street Light 5 8-9 3
Tree 5-10 10+ 3-5 #3

Durability: Overall hardness and/ or thickness.
Structure: Useful integrity; when damage exceeds Structure, the object is broken.
Damage: The number of dice the surface or object adds to an attacker’s bashing damage pool if he uses that object or surface as an improvised weapon.

  1. 1 = Damage lethal if glass gets shattered before use as a weapon; doubled for heavy-duty glass.
  2. 2 = Damage reflects being hit with a piece of the wall or being slammed hard into it.
  3. 3 = Extremely varied, depending on age, type, and size of tree

Holding Breath

Stamina Holding Breath Stamina Holding Breath
1 30 seconds 6 15 minutes
2 One minute 7 20 minutes
3 Two minutes 8 30 minutes
4 Four minutes 9 45 minutes
5 Eight minutes 10 One hour