Sample Log

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NOTICE: Do not make wiki log pages for sensitive logs or anything you want/need to have staff investigate. See Main Page for Pastebin or ControlC. Ask Staff which is appropriate if you are unsure.

2023.04.01 April Fools Day
This is a sample log
IC Date April 1, 2023
IC Time All Day
Players PlayerA, PlayerB, PlayerC, etc
Location <Ic location of event>
Spheres <this can be omitted>

<Your log goes here>



First, log into your wiki account. Contact staff if you don't have one.
In the search bar (upper right) type in the name of the log preferably as < - yourtitle here> (Example: 2023.4.9 - A Day at the park)
You will be given the option to 'Create this page' if it doesn't exist.
Copy and paste code as shown below for infox at the top of the page
Paste your log below it.

For Infobox: At a minimum you need to include Name, Summary, IcDate, Players, Storyteller, and Location

{{Infobox Log
|name      = Name of log. Usually just the title of the page.
|summary   = A one line summary of the log.
|icdate    = ic date.
|ictime    = ic time.
|players   = Players in the scene.
|storyteller = ST name
|location  = location or locations.
|prptp     = The prp or tp the log is a part of.
|spheres   = The spheres involved in the log.
|themesong = A theme song for the log


{{Infobox Log
|name=Something Wicked
|summary=Foo happened
|icdate= Today

Something Wicked
Foo happened
IC Date Today

{{Infobox Log
|name=Something Wicked
|summary= Foo happened
|players= [[Becca]]

Something Wicked
Foo happened
Players Becca

{{Infobox Log
|name=Something Wicked
|summary= Foo and stuff
|location= [[Tea House]]

Something Wicked
Foo and Stuff
Location Tea House

{{Infobox Log
|name=Something Wicked
|summary= Foo and Stuff happpened
|ictime= 1pm-4pm CST

Something Wicked
Foo and Stuff and Things happened
IC Time 1pm-4pm CST

{{Infobox Log
|name=Something Wicked Pt 2
|summary=Extra foo and stuff and things
|prptp=[[Paupers and Prophets]]

Something Wicked Pt 2
Extra foo and stuff and things
Prp/Tp Paupers and Prophets

{{Infobox Log
|name=Something Wicked Pt 4
|summary=I dreampt foo and things happened
|spheres=Mage, Changeling

Something Wicked Pt 4
I dreampt foo and things happened
Spheres Mage, Changeling