Client adjustments

From Ascension Sojourns

We highly recommend Mushclient, Potato or any other client that supports 256 colors.

Some of our graphic output on the game needs a 90 character line limit to display correctly. Otherwise, you will see line overruns.

Below are the clients we've used and are familiar with the editing of this option.

If you have a different client and would like to provide us with instructions on how to do this for the client you use. Please contact Staff.


Tons of configuration options. Our current favorite.

This client is available through the dev's github. [Beipmu github and download]
Scroll down on the github page for instruction on how to download and install.
They have a discord to help with configuring the client and they have always been very helpful and friendly.
Can do everything and more that the old SimpleMu did and supports 256 color.

Some players like this font: [| dejavu fonts], be sure to @toggle me=utf8 in-game, if you want to use it.


Mushclient is available here: [Mushclient downloads]

Go to: Game>All configuration... > Appearance> Output>
At the bottom there is a tick box "Wrap output at column number.." and a box that has 80 in it. change that to 90."


Potato is available here: [Mush Client Download]

Go to: Options > Configure World > Display > Miscellaneous >
Top line on the right says "Wrap Text At". To the right of the character line limit is a box "Current Window Size", click on that button.

As long as your client window takes up the whole screen, you should get great.