Magical Item Creation

From Ascension Sojourns

INFO: Be aware that any creation may require you to have the proper resources to build the item.

BEWARE: any magickal items worn all the time will have an awareness trigger set on the player.
HOUSERULE:The use of Mind 3 or Prime 3 maybe be employed in any creation to make the item more difficult to ping awareness. You must mention this in the write up for the creation. Staff will have you do a separate roll. Every 2 Successes will add +1 to the awareness trigger difficulty. Not to exceed a difficulty of 8. [Click here for information on Awareness System.]


Artifact: An object or being imbued with a single function that they perform reliably and can be used by a suitable mage.
Charm: A one-use mystic item that features a short-term magickal power.
Device: A sophisticated item of Enlightened technology.
Fetish: Capitalized, a power-object containing a bound spirit entity.
Gadget: A technological Charm.
Grimoire: A written work that teaches and inspires Awakened readers.
Invention: A technological Artifact.
Matrix: A tech-based Quintessence battery or power-source.
Periapt: A mystic source of Quintessence energy.
Primer: A book crafted to inspire Awakening or Enlightenment.
Principia: A tech-based Grimoire.
Relic: A living being or body part imbued with a lasting Effect.
Talisman: A sophisticated magickal item. Has it's own Arete,
Trinket: A single-function item, crafted or enhanced with Spheres but not “magickal” in the sense that other Wonders are magickal.

Creating Wonders Chart - Basic Info

Step One: Foundation
   Extended Attribute + Ability roll to craft suitable foundation. (Accumulate 30+ successes)
     *HR: If using a Primary Ability (Art, Biotech, Computer, Crafts, Firearms, etc.)  diff starts at 7 
      *HR: If Secondary ability (Jeweler, gunsmithing, leatherworking, Hypertech, etc) diff starts at 6 (non-specialty)
       *HR: If your Ability has a Specialty that applies, every 10 rolled = 2 succ instead of one.
                   (Such as having a Crafts Specialty of Jeweler)
    See Foundation-Roll Modifiers
Step Two: Energy Arete roll (minimum success = three successes per dot in Wonder) to infuse foundation with Quintessence (Prime 3 from Tass or self / Prime 4 from materials /Prime 5 from living things). Fetishes, Matrices, and Periapts do not require this step.
Step Three: Investment Extended Arete roll (minimum success = three successes per dot in Wonder); vulgar Prime Effect + appropriate Spheres for Wonder’s Effects. See: Crafting a Wonder chart below See Investment-Roll Modifiers. Resonance is important * HR: Vulgar unless performed in a Sanctum. Purification reduces difficulty of Step Three roll.
Crafting a Wonder
Wonder Investment Description (after crafting the foundation and investing energy) (See note #1)
Artifact Prime 4 + Spheres in Wonder’s Effects (See note #2) An object with a single, repeatable function. A talking statue, silent sneakers, a flaming sword or a

bag filled with sleep-dust – such objects, in game-terms, are considered Artifacts. An Artifact requires an Awakened user; in a Sleeper’s hands, an Artifact is essentially a mundane object. System-wise, an Artifact uses the Arete Trait of the character who is using that Artifact. The player rolls her mage’s Arete, typically against difficulty 7, and a single success activates the Artifact’s Effects. Each Artifact contains Resonance energy that reflects the item’s creator, the materials he used, and the process that created the Artifact in question.

In game terms, each Artifact has a single obvious and paranormal Sphere-based Effect, and several minor atmospheric “signature special effects,” like the snarling-tiger sound or the hot surface that singes sinners. These unique “signature special effects” come through storytelling and roleplaying. They’re not purchased with points – they simply exist to mark that Artifact as the Wonder that it is. So long as those special effects don’t have a significant impact on the Artifact’s utility, they can be whatever the item’s creator and /or the Storyteller wants them to be. They might not always be beneficial, either; in fact, each Artifact ought to have at least one special effect that’s an absolute pain in the ass. M20 BoS, p 140

Charm Simple Charm = Prime 2 (appropriate energy), Prime 3 (any energy), or Prime 4 + Life 3 (living
Charm) + Spheres in Wonder’s Effects. Mage may craft up to Arete x 2 in Charms at one time.
Only one Effect possible, works only once. The creator’s Arete is the Arete of the Charm itself.<br
System-wise, each Charm is a mystic Effect that has been “held” in time until a certain activity sets the magick free. Essentially, such items contain a delayed-action spell. For that reason, a Charm does not require an (PC) Arete roll, and anyone who believes in such things can use one. Instead, to activate roll the Charm's arete vs 7. The number of successes determines the strength of the Effect. All Paradox, however, becomes the user’s problem – a Charm can neither absorb nor deflect Paradox. Resonance-wise, Charms concentrate the energy of their intended purpose and the materials used in their creation. M20 BoS, p140
Device #3 Prime 4 + Spheres in Wonder’s Effects. Each successful Arete roll costs one point of personal
Quintessence in addition to normal energy cost. Technomancer also invests one point of
permanent Willpower into Device.

Anyone can use a Device, so long as a given character can figure out how it works. System-wise, that usually requires a Wits or Intelligence + Technology or Hypertech roll, with the difficulty based upon the complexity of that Device (Technological Talisman). Each Device has its own Enlightenment Trait (Arete), which gets rolled (usually against difficulty 7) when the Device is used. A failed roll usually means that the Device fails to work, while a botched roll reflects catastrophic malfunctions. And because they “cast” their own Effects, Devices and Talismans invoke their own Paradox – a potentially nasty hazard for high-powered Devices. In such cases, the Paradox backlash can rebound upon on the user… sometimes literally blowing him to atoms. These wonders have a Mechanical Resonance.
Fetish Spirit 4 (to bind unwilling spirit), or working out an agreement with the Spirit + Prime 4 (willing
spirit). Unwilling spirits create unreliable Fetishes, which have several flaws. No Prime Effect or
Quintessence necessary .

Fetishes use Gnosis, not Arete, in order to function. Each Fetish also has a distinct personality that maintains its own temperamental relationship with the person who “owns” the Wonder in question. And because powerful entities rarely allow themselves to be fondled by puny mortals, Fetish-bound spirits tend to be simple beings whose essence comes from equally simple principles: hunger, fire, anger, stone, and so on. To Activate each use, roll Willpower vs 7 to persuade the spirit. THEN, the player then rolls the Gnosis Trait as a dice pool for the associated effect. In some cases a Fetishes just does what it is suppose to after the Willpower roll.
Gadget Simple Gadget = Prime 2 (appropriate energy), Prime 3 (any energy), or Prime 4 /Life 3 (living
Charm) + Spheres in Wonder’s Effects. Technomancer may craft up to Arete x 2 in Gadgets at
one time. Only one Effect possible, works only once. (See Charm)
Grimoire Prime 4 /Mind 3 (for authors with Art or Expression 1-3), or Prime 4 /Mind 2 (for authors with
Art or Expression 4 or higher). Additional Effects require Spheres in Wonder’s Effects. Each
benefit beyond the first one adds +1 to Wonder’s cost and three more successes to Arete roll.
Mage also invests one point of permanent Willpower into Grimoire.
Invention Prime 4 + Spheres in Wonder’s Effects (See note #2) Tech-based Artifact (See Artifact)
Matrix Matter 5 (inanimate) or Life 5 (living) + Prime 3. Requires 10 points of Tass with the same kind of
. Effect fuses Tass into foundation, creating permanent vessel for Quintessence. If different
sorts of Tass are used, then Wonder has a flaw. No other Quintessence required. (Tech-based Periapt, see Periapt)
Periapt Matter 5 (inanimate) or Life 5 (living) + Prime 3. Requires 10 points of Tass with the same kind of
energy. Effect fuses Tass into foundation, creating permanent vessel for Quintessence. If different
sorts of Tass are used, then Wonder has a flaw. No other Quintessence required.
Primer Prime 4 /Mind 3 /Spirit 3. Mage also invests two points of permanent Willpower into Primer,
must have an Arete no lower than 5, and achieve no fewer than 30 successes on a series of
rolls that include Art, Expression, and other Abilities appropriate to the Primer
in question. A special type of Grimoire meant to Awaken the reader.
Principia #3 Prime 4 /Mind 3. Additional Effects require Spheres in Wonder’s Effects. Each benefit beyond the
first one adds +1 to Wonder’s cost and three more successes to Arete roll. Mage also invests one
point of permanent Willpower into Principia. (See Grimoire)
Relic Life 5 /Prime 5 + Spheres in Wonder’s Effects. Mage also invests one point of permanent
Willpower into Relic, and employs some form of activity which bridges the energy, magick, and
the organism involved (blessing it, performing surgery on it, giving birth to it, etc.).
Talisman Prime 4 + Spheres in Wonder’s Effects. Each successful Arete roll costs one point of personal
Quintessence. Mage also invests one point of permanent
Willpower into Device.
Trinket Prime 2 (to consecrate), and /or Spheres used to create Wonder’s Effect. Mage must roll at least
twice the number of successes that are necessary to cast the Effect normally. Only one simple
Effect possible. Must be a simple, functional item, not a complex piece of machinery or other
abstract foundation.
#1 = The foundation must first be crafted, using whatever Attribute + Ability rolls and materials the mage needs
in order to craft that foundation. An enchanted silver pendent, for example, would require high-quality silver
(materials) and an extended Dexterity + Craftsmanship roll (crafting the medallion) before the energy and magick

can be invested into the foundation. The Spheres and processes listed under Investment Description are the
ones required to seal magick into the Wonder.

#2 = Spheres in Wonder’s Effects means that the mage must also cast whichever Effects she wants to have in the
Wonder. A cloak that makes the wearer invisible, for example, would require a Forces 2 Effect in order to bend
light waves around the cloak. Thus, the Wonder needs a Forces 2 Effect in addition to the Prime 4 Effect that seals
the magick into the cloak.
#3 = Technocratic Union facilities produce Devices and Principiae without the Willpower or personal Quintessence
requirements. Individual technomancers and Technocrats, however, must invest Willpower and personal Quintessence
into their Devices. Only specialized personnel are allowed access to these facilities; abuse of such access is deeply

Foundation-Roll Modifiers

Resources will be looked at to see if you can afford the level of Materials you desire.
Required materials for item creation is above and beyond what is normally held in your
Sanctum. [House Rules for Sanctums]

Circumstances Difficulty (maximum +/-3) Circumstances Difficulty (maximum +/-3)
Crappy Materials +1 Rush Job +2
Good Materials +0 Extra Time -1
Best Materials -1 Extensive Research -2

Investment-Roll Modifiers

Circumstances Difficulty (maximum +/-3) Circumstances Difficulty (maximum +/-3)
Appropriate Resonance /Synergy -2 No Purification -0
Suitable Resonance /Synergy -1 Simple Purification -1
Conflicting Resonance /Synergy +1 Extensive Purification -2
Opposed Resonance /Synergy +2 Elaborate Purification -3


 Single Use Items
* Uses Prime 2 with appropriate Tass
* Item point value is equal to half (round up) the highest Sphere Effect or power the Charm recreates, 
  plus one per extra Sphere involved. (Ex: Corr 3, Mind 2 effect,= 2 (1.5 rounded up) + 1 = 3pt item)
* Determine Shelf life: 
     Default = 3 months
  1 additional succ = 6 months
  2 additional succ = 12 months
  3 additional succ = 18 months
  4 additional succ = 24 months
*These times are reduced from the chart in Forged by Dragon's Fire. There is no need for a player
created object to last more than two years...and likely not even a year.  Items found during plots
might have a shelf life that extends beyond this chart.
1. Crafting - Dexterity + crafts or Intelligence + Technology(or Computer) 
           - diff 8
           - Need 30+ successes
           - Each roll equals 1 hour of work
2. Purification (optional) - Prime 2 rote casted 3 times - If all 3 rolls are successful -2 to Quickening rolls
3. Quickening - Created in batches of (Arete x 2) items/charges at one casting. - Cannot cast an effect mid-Quickening to gain more (because you can only cast one effect at a time) - Vulgar Prime 3 effect - need Prime 3 plus all relevant Spheres for the effect. - Accumulate 2 successes per point
4. No roll to activate/use
 A Correspondence 3/ Mind 2 effect to give you the semblance of arcane when you have to go to the bad side of town.
 Point value: 3  (3/2=1.5 rounded up = 2 + 1 for the extra sphere of mind)
 Shelf Life: 1 extra succ = 1 year
 Arete x 2 = # per batch  (assuming arete 3, can make 6 items in one set of rolls)
Total Quickening Successes needed: 7 (Accumulate 2 succ per point, +1 for shelf life: 3x2=6 +1 = 7 total


Forged by Dragon's Fire 31-36, examples 36-39 

Preparation: Spirit must be coerced, beaten in combat, or given chiminage

Binding - Spirit 4
One roll = one IC hour
Point value is 1 to 5 at ST discretion
Accumulate four successes per point
Paradox handling is limited to mitigating or absorbing

Fetish's Gnosis = Point Value + 3

Must attune once: roll Willpower vs fetish's Gnosis, fail = must placate spirit before trying again
Must activate each time: roll Willpower vs fetish's Gnosis and get at least one success.



Forged by Dragon's Fire 39-42, examples 42-43

Quickening Usable only by creator: Prime 4 (5 if living) (Soulgem / Soulflower; MtA 181, 184) Usable by anyone: Matter 5 (Life 5 if living) Accumulate 2 successes per level Spend 10 points of Tass per level (does not reduce difficulty) Holds up to 5 points of Quintessence per level Leave it full for (level) months to avoid flaws

Usage: transfer its Quintessence to yourself
Physical contact: auto-succeeds, but takes a full turn Line of sight: Prime 2 Outside line of sight: Prime 2 Corr 2
Recharging: transfer Quintessence to it Leave it at a node: (level) points per day Prime 3: from a node, Tass, another periapt with same type of resonance (dynamic/static/entropic) Prime 4: from an inanimate object, unweaving and possibly destroying it Prime 5: from a living (or undead) creature
Fused periapts
Worn by mage or familiar continuously for (10 - level) weeks If removed, it's reduced to a normal periapt until it has time to re-fuse Can spend/recharge its Quintessence as if it was your own Also increases your maximum possible Paradox

Talismans / Devices

Forged by Dragon's Fire 45-51, examples 51-65

Has its own Arete
Mage and talisman can cast effects during same turn Can be used by sleepers Crafting works the same as artifacts/inventions

Imbue Arete (required, replaces purification) Prime 3, vulgar Quint Cost: Item point level x 5 quint + 1 quint per roll made. Successes: item gains one dot of Arete for every 3 successes rolled Failure: take a one-point flaw and keep going, or accept the item's current Arete and go to Imbue Powers Botch: item useless, if you already took flaws then take 1 aggravated damage per flaw *botch reflects a disaster – things go horribly wrong, and both the foundation and the energy (possibly even the workspace and the mage) are utterly destroyed. One roll = one IC hour House rule: May exceed creator's Arete, but costs a permanent Willpower per dot, not to exceed Character's arete by 2.

Imbue Powers (similar to Quickening) -Must Spend 5 quint per dot of item level AND 1 quint per roll made. Can include Quintessence storage (talisman is a periapt in addition to other effects, subject to all relevant requirements and restrictions)

Paradox handling can include nullification
Bind the Will: spend 1 permanent Willpower

Adding powers to an existing talisman: Use the Quickening process from Artifacts/Inventions (crafting and purification are skipped) Original creator is -2 difficulty, anyone else is +2 difficulty


Forged by Dragon's Fire 65-71, examples 71-75

Creating Grimoire/Principia

If it teaches Arete, the wonder can only teach Arete up to two less than their own (e.g. a mage with Arete 4 can create a grimoire that teaches up to Arete 2).
Exception: Teaching Arete 1 is covered under 'Creating Primers' below.
If teaching a Sphere, the mage must have a Sphere rating of one higher than that being taught (e.g. a mage with Spirit 4 can create a grimoire that teaches up to Spirit 3).
Grimoire may teach both Arete and spheres in the same text (this increases the point value).
Grimoire generally come in the form of a bound book, but can take other forms at staff discretion (passive experiences like movies/TV are generally unsuitable). Grimoire are
usually made from exquisite, sturdy materials with extra effects to increase durability or usefulness.
The mage must inscribe the text as part of an extended ritual. While this is being done, the mage can do nothing else but eat or sleep for 1 week per point level of the
A grimoire's point rating = the Arete ranking it teaches + 1 for each additional sphere it facilitates (e.g. a grimoire that teaches Arete 2 and nothing else is a 2-point
wonder; one that teaches Arete 2 plus Prime and Spirit is a 4-point wonder).
The mage must cast a Mind 3 / Prime 4 effect. (If they have Expression 4+, then this is reduced to Mind 2 / Prime 4.)
Minimum successes = (2 * level of Arete taught, if any) + (levels of spheres taught, if any).
Example: A grimoire that teaches Arete 2 + Forces 2 + Matter 2 would require 4+2+2 = 8 successes.
The mage must invest 1 permanent Willpower at the end of the writing process.
Does not require Tass or Quintessence.
Once created, it can be copied by anyone with Arete and spheres at least as high as what it teaches.
This requires as many weeks as it required successes to create, or days if the copier does nothing else but eat, sleep, etc.
This does not require additional rolls or spends.
It may be translated into another language known by the copier.

Using Grimoire

Reader's paradigm must be compatible with author's paradigm (same Tradition/Convention or at staff discretion). If a Primer, the reader must at least be somewhat open to being Awakened. Reader must be fluent in the language it is written in. Grimoire's creator may require other competencies to use (e.g. ability scores at a certain level, physical activities or states of mind, minimum intelligence score). Reader must study for a number of weeks equal to its level, then gains one of the following benefits: If it teaches a level of Arete, then the reader may subtract the Grimoire's level from the XP cost of that Arete level. If it teaches a sphere level, then the reader may subtract the Grimoire's level from the XP cost of that sphere level. The reader may instead gain temporary insight (perform a single effect as if they had received one of the above increases, with no XP cost). Afterward, the reader may start a new study period with the same or a different grimoire.