Wiki Character Page Creation

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IF you have a template you think might be good for the wiki, contact staff, and have a sample ready to show.

How to get a wiki account and set up a character page

STEP 1: Log into the MUSH and do: +request wiki account=<insert your user name here> We will create an account for you.

STEP 2: Log into the wiki. (If this is your first time logging in, please change your password.)

STEP 3A: Type your character name into the search box. It will pop up a search page if you do not have a page started, and ask you to "Create the page (your character name) on this wiki!". Click on your red link character name to open your blank page. If you don't see "Create the page", then you probably still need to confirm your e-mail address.

STEP 3B: If a page comes up for your character name, and it isn't yours, please contact staff. We can move the old page or we may ask you to use a different name (such as 'John Smith' instead of just 'John')

STEP 4: In a separate web page, open the template you prefer.

STEP 5: Click the EDIT tab on your page. If you're using Polk's, Template 2, or Template 3, click the EDIT tab on that page too.

STEP 6: Copy information from template to your page. And do not forget to press 'save page' frequently!!

STEP 7: There may be template additions on the bottom of the 'edit' page of the template. Make sure you copy/paste that information into your page as well!

If you need additional help, please contact staff.


Template:BasicCharacterPage Minimalist, easy and functional. Example: Samantha Hicks
Template 2 We really like the look of this one. Can be solid or gradient. Easy to add sections not already there. Used for The following page: Sage Tillman
Template 3 Example page: Roxanne Murray - NPC