Samantha Hicks

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Samantha Hicks

“Dancing is creating a sculpture that is visible only for a moment.” ― Erol Ozan


I was just over a year old when my family made the migration. We came as part of Reverend Mother Conway's entourage. My childhood, I imagine, was much like any other's. I ran on green grass, gazed up at blue skies during the day and the darkness of space at night. Of course, my parents forced me to attend every mass Reverend Mother held. How -boring-! Especially when the spirit moved me , but your not allowed to dance in her masses. The older I got, the more restrictive life felt.

I was sixteen when I finally saw Jubal. He had always been there, like everyone else. Though .suddenly he was a man, not the mere boy I had grown up with. When did he take to playing the harp? I couldn't remember, but when he played, it moved me, and I danced. Two years later I packed up and left The Holy Lake for Bacchanal. My parents were wholly displeased, and embarrassed that I should take up dancing in Club Muse. Seven years later, I'm still dancing at Club Muse as few times a week to Jubal's harp. How can we inspire you?

RP Hooks
  • dancing at Club Muse in Bacchanal

Relationships - PCs
Relationships - NPCs
  • Reverend Mother Conway: So boring! Nice, but boring.
  • Pauline and Gary Hicks: Mom and Dad, girls just wanna have fun.
  • Jubal: my muse
Samantha Hicks

Samantha Hicks.jpg

Class Mortal
Sponsor Mage Jubal Hicks
Age 25
Job Dancer
Hair Black with blue tips
Eyes sea-green
Custos Sahijaya
Hobby Talent (Dancing) Silverdot-filled.pngSilverdot-filled.pngSilverdot-filled.pngSilverdot-filled.pngSilverdot.png
Expression Silverdot-filled.pngSilverdot-filled.pngSilverdot-filled.pngSilverdot.pngSilverdot.png
Self-Control Silverdot-filled.pngSilverdot-filled.pngSilverdot-filled.pngSilverdot-filled.pngSilverdot-filled.png



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