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Regarding your Wiki Account

1. Do not share your account log-in with anyone else.

2. Staff can not recover your password for you, nor do we keep a record of them. We like using LastPass to keep track of passwords. (See: LastPass)

3. A player is only allowed one Wiki account. Use that account for all -your- character(s) pages.

4. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, staff will not create a new account because yours became unrecoverable.

Regarding Editing of Pages

5. Edit only pages that belong to you.

6. We realize that not everyone is good at making Wiki pages. Templates have been provided to make the process easier. If you need help building your Wikipage, contact staff.

7. We would prefer you create a page for each character you play. Minimalist pages are fine. The minimum requirement is a portrait and general demographic information. You are allowed the option to not assign your character into a category. If you don't mention you're a mage in the general information, don't include [[Category: Mage]] at the bottom of your page, as this will put your page into the mage roster. If you need help, contact staff.

8. Some players like to put their whole character background on their wiki. Please keep it concise. Screen scroll in a template cell is rather annoying to be honest. Remember if you put it on the wiki, someone could find out all about you with enough investigation.

9. Please keep picture files to a minimum. Where possible, combine them into a collage.

10. Do not post NSFW photos on any page. All pictures should be, at least, minimally clothed and tasteful. No pornographic images. Any picture that staff interrupts at too lewd/erotic/etc will be deleted without warning.

Using Wiki Info In-Game

Please remember information on your wiki page is considered IC. Anything you include on your page can be found out Icly through simple investigation. Note: Mages read [house rules] on Arcane.