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Please: +build <subject>=<message>

Example: +build Buy: Old Tiny House= I'd like to the by the Old Tiny House. <Please include the exit name that appears in the build nexus just in case multiple builds have the same name.>

Please have an idea of where you'd like it linked on the grid and supply 1 or 2 options.

General Build Information

Resources may be pooled for those living together, with permission of all parties.

For Apartments/Suites in Hartstone Suites: 1 room per dot of Resources, those with Resources 0 will can live in the barracks in the basement. Suites may not be larger than 5 rooms. Larger builds will need to be a "bought" home or custom build.

"Bought" homes or custom builds have a different quota structure as defined below.

For Businesses: Characters are limited to a number of rooms that may be divided over a certain number of "businesses" as listed below. Resources can not be pooled. If you need/want more rooms, finding IC investors will be a benefit. Contact staff via +request.

Residences for Sale

These homes can be found in the Real Estate office inside the building nexus. Any of these can be renamed. When being linked to the grid; theme of the build, resources, and grid room theme will be reviewed. Hence, no McMansions in the slums. Some items from In-Character News may affect where your build can go.

Private Residences for sale
Resources 0-1 (1-3 rooms) Description   Resources 2-3 (4-5 rooms) Description   Resources 4-5 (5+ rooms) Description
Old Tiny House 2 rooms   Dark Manor 3 rooms +1 to add   Jackson Farmstead >RES 5< 11 rooms
Condemned House   Wagner Oaks Farm 3 room +1 to add   House Webster 6 rooms - Please rename
Small House1 3 rooms   Brownstone House 3 rooms +1 to add   Ravenwood 8 rooms
Small Shack 1 room   Guest House 4 rooms - Please rename   Large 3bdr PM 8 rooms - Please rename
Cozy Cabin 3 rooms   C-M Estate (CM Estate) 5 rooms - Please rename   HobbyFarm1 8 rooms - please rename
Country Cottage1 (CC1) 2 rooms - Please rename   Wooden Mansion 5 rooms   Large Ranch House >RES 5< 12 rooms
Country Cottage 3 rooms - Please rename    
Old Tiny Home 2 rooms    


These businesses are for "Sale". The size of business you can buy is relatively based on your Resources. Generally you need to have Resource 3+ to be able to negotiate with the bank for the loan you need to buy the property. You resources also limits how many businesses you can own. There are a few merits that may bypass the resources requirement.

Resources 0 = None, you need a day job first.
Resources 1-2 = You have a day job, but can't afford a business yet. Keep saving!
Resources 3 = One business (or up to 2 rooms)
Resources 4 = Two businesses (or Up to 4 rooms total)
Resources 5 = Three businesses (or up to 6 rooms total)
Resources 6+ = staff discretion

  • Example: If you have Resources 4, you can have 1 business with 4 rooms, OR 2 businesses with 2 rooms each, OR 1 business with 1 room and 1 business with 3 rooms.

After the first business staff may ask for management plans.

Businesses for sale
Name Description   Name Description   Name Description
Blue Catz Lounge   Tea Garden
Murder of Crows   Kelly Vet Clinic   Wild Horse Saloon
Outback Steakhouse   R. Smith Engineering
Talent Agency   Miner's Daughter   Freedom Clinic
Kozy Deserts   Message Therapy Clinic   Spice of Life
Free-Style Gym   Blackbird Ink   Delightful Interiors
Funeral Home   Beenie's Arcade
Dragon Tattoo   Envy Spa   All Seeing Eye
On The Sly   Threads Clothing   Computer Repair
Mysterious Age